Your Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

So, you have finally decided to pop the question—congratulations! And you have decided that instead of shopping together, the most surprising and romantic way to do this is to buy her engagement ring by yourself. However, it’s not going to be easy as it sounds.

Chances are, before you decided to start shopping for an engagement ring, in your eyes, all rings looked pretty much the same: a shiny stone seated on a metal band that’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. And if you do a bit of research, you will find out that even if they all look the same you have a quadrillion of options to choose from—and a sea of information for a customised engagement ring from Singapore that you need to consider for every aspect of the shopping process.

That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide on shopping for your customized wedding ring, with only the most useful information you need to know.

Prepare to Shop

It’s not just a myth. Girls can really spend hours and hours talking about their dream engagement ring. Before you start ring shopping, educate yourself about the keywords for cut and style by talking to your mom and trusted friends. Just make sure this won’t get to your girlfriend, or you’re going to blow the surprise.

You will also want to begin by knowing the size of your girl’s finger. If you can borrow a ring from her jewellery stash, that would be great. But if you think she’ll notice any disappearing jewellery, just use a paper and a pencil to trace the inside of her ring, and bring that instead. Alternatively, you can also slip one of her rings into your finger and use a marker to mark how far the ring slides.

Go For the Classics

When it comes to your engagement ring and wedding ring, it’s safer to stick with the classics: a diamond stone in a plain silver, platinum, or gold band. Your best references are the rings you have seen on your mother, grandmother, and on your girlfriend’s friends. Skip the tests and surveys you see in magazines that claims to determine whether she’s a ‘traditional plain band girl’ or a ‘modern studded band woman.’

Remember, she will be wearing that ring for the rest of her life. Give her something solid, sturdy, and will stand the test of time – just like the love you have for her.

Forget About Third Party Advices

It’s okay to ask for advice, but don’t let other people’s opinions influence you too much. Whether you’re shopping for a proposal ring or customised wedding bands, keep in mind that these things symbolize your love for your partner, not for your parents. This is a project you owe to your partner, not to your family or to your best friend since kindergarten. This is a major investment so make sure you research well and that you trust your gut feeling when it comes to shopping for a ring that your partner will love. After all, it’s you who’s supposed to know your partner best. Just observe and take hints from her style and preferences.

Never Buy Fake

It could be horrendously tempting. You might have seen Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia stones, and think that these stones are a catch—you can give her the massive rock she dreams of and still be able to save yourself hundreds of dollars. Do not fall into this trap. For the rest of your life, you will have that constant feeling of guilt and fear that she will find it out. If and when that happens, imagine how shameful would that be and how will she feel.

Besides, if the proposal ring is a symbol of the love you have for her, do you really want that symbol to be a fake? If you can’t afford a diamond, at least consider a different gemstone, perhaps her birthstone.

Have It as a Semi-Surprise

If you want to surprise your future fiancé with a customized wedding ring that you have bought from Singapore’s when you pop the big question but want to skip the hassle of determining the right size and style of proposal ring, consider buying a lose stone and having it set in a temporary band.

Once you’re engaged, you can have the stone re-set into a band of her choice. Some jewellery shops in Singapore lets you set your purchased stone in a temporary band and then return it after 60 days to have the stone re-set.

Insure It

You can buy insurance for the wedding ring as an extension to your homeowners insurance, or straight from a special jewellery insurer in Singapore. But before purchasing one, know first how your insurer will replace the ring. Some reimburse you with cash, while others let you purchase a new ring through a specific jewellery shop.

No Need to Break the Bank

By now, you’ve probably already heard that men should spend three months’ worth of salary on an engagement ring. Unfortunately, that rule has made a lot of men put customised wedding bands on credit cards. While you would of course want a ring that your girlfriend will love, know that you don’t have to put yourself in serious debt. Keep in mind that one of the major reasons of annulment and divorce in the world is related to money problems, particularly debt, and for sure you don’t want to take that route at the start of your life together, right?

Buying an engagement ring may not be easy, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. If you know your partner very well and you find a good jeweller to work with, ring shopping could be a pleasant experience as well.