What Should You Look for in Commercial Laundry Services?

With so many choices when it comes to commercial laundry services, how do you know you have found the right one? Here are pointers to remember when looking for the right laundry pick up or laundry delivery, wash and fold, and dry cleaning laundry services in Singapore.

Considerations for a Laundry Service

Professional commercial laundry services are not only useful for busy households, but it’s also a practical option for commercial businesses in Singapore. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable laundry service that will meet all your needs. Look for the following requirements in a commercial laundry services shop:

1. Professional Equipment – Not only should a laundry delivery and laundry pick up service in Singapore like laundry first dry cleaning be able to handle demands for washable items, but they should also have the right equipment for dry cleaning, steaming, pressing, ironing, mending, and folding clothes. Most modern washers used in commercial laundry services nowadays are safer, efficient, and sustainable, that is why you should pick only the laundry service shops that use fewer resources and safe chemicals that will not be harmful to the environment.

2. Excellent Customer Service – The laundry service staff should be friendly and ready to answer your questions. After all, you’re entrusting your personal items to them, so they must be reliable and knowledgeable about their tasks. If you own a business, make sure that they can handle the professional demands of your business for hygiene, quality, and timeliness of their services. They should also provide a clear list of their services and prices, so that there are no surprise charges later.

3. Variety of Laundry Services – Most laundry service customers are too busy to do their own laundry, which is why the commercial laundry services in Singapore should offer a variety of services for both individual customers and businesses. The services should include standard wash and fold, dry cleaning, spot-treatment, steam-cleaning, uniform laundry, pressing or ironing, laundry for spa, and laundry delivery. They should also be willing to tailor services according to your needs, especially if it’s a hotel or restaurant business. A 24 hour laundry like http://www.laundryfirst.sg/ in Singapore is also ideal for these types of businesses, so you will never have to worry about interruptions in your daily operations.

4. Reliability and Guarantee of Service – Don’t hesitate to look at reviews online of the commercial laundry services shop, especially from first-time customers. If you own a business, you should ask for recommendations from your colleagues about the types of laundry service offered. A reliable laundry shop should also offer guarantees of quality of their services in case the items are lost or damaged during the cleaning process.

5. Certificates and Permits – Lastly, look for permits and certifications associated with a commercial laundry business in Singapore. The shop must adhere to the strict requirements of the handling and disposal of detergents and dry cleaning solvents. If the commercial laundry service offers services for restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, you should look for hygiene certifications that will ensure you’re getting clean and disinfected items.