Important Questions to Ask Your Residential Plumbing Company

As you encounter a plumbing issue at home, it is necessary that you immediately call for the services of a plumbing contractor. But before deciding on which contractor to hire, it is crucial that you ask your prospective residential plumber a few questions first. This will help in ensuring that he will be able to provide all the plumbing services that you need. With that mind, we listed down some of the important questions that will help you determine as to whether or not your prospective plumber is the right person for the job.

1. Are you properly licensed?
One of the questions you should never forget to ask your prospective plumber is whether or not they have been licensed. Having a license proves that your chosen plumber has the knowledge and skills necessary to complete any task assigned to him. Aside from that, licensed plumbers in Singapore are also required to be updated with the building codes, thus ensuring you that the person you hired is familiar with the present building practices.
Moreover, licensing also holds the plumber accountable to his plumbing works in case something goes wrong with the repair job. Being licensed also shows that the company he’s working for managed to pass the government testing and is a legitimate plumbing company.

2. Do you have a compensation insurance?
Aside from having a license, insurance also plays a crucial role in a Singapore plumber credentials as it provides the needed stability in case a mistake or an accident occurs while the job is ongoing. Although it rarely occurs, accidents, mistakes or even theft can still happen, and this could result into a huge problem if an insurance is not present.
Being insured allows a plumber to take on any job without worrying about the problems that might arise. As a homeowner, hiring an insured plumber protects you from paying for any uncalled costs brought by accidents or repair mistakes.

3. What warranties and guarantees will you be able to provide?
A reliable plumber offers guarantees and warranties on the materials and labour they will provide. So be sure to ask about the type of warranty and guarantee they are offering so you will not be held financially responsible for any problem that might arise from their repair job.

4. Can you provide details of your credentials, as well as your references?
Knowing the credentials of your plumbing contractor is crucial. Although it might not indicate the quality of his workmanship, credentials show his commitment to the industry as well as his adherence to the professional repair techniques and practices.

Apart from his credentials, your prospective plumber shouldn’t have any problems providing you with three to four names of his previous clients. Asking for references allows you to check if he has been in the plumbing industry for quite some time, as well as to gauge that work experience that he currently have. If he can’t seem to give you any contactable reference, however, then it just means that he’s not qualified to reputably take the repair job that you have.

5. Do you provide emergency plumbing services?
There are two types of plumbing companies in Singapore: the ones that offer round-the-clock plumbing services and those who don’t. Plumbing contractors who offer round-the-clock services focus mainly on taking emergency plumbing repair jobs, while those who don’t offer such services typically don’t answer any emergency house calls. With that, be sure to hire a skilled contractor for each type of plumbing services to save you from the hassle and stress of dealing with plumbing issues.

6. Can you provide a written and detailed estimate?
Another important question to ask is whether or not they will be able to provide a copy of the written estimate. Instead of simply receiving a cost estimate over the phone, have your plumber assess your repair job and provide a detailed and written copy of the estimate. Once you already have the cost estimate, ask if the materials, labour and contingency are already included in the total cost. Knowing what’s included in the estimate eliminates the possibility of being charged with a larger bill after the completion of the plumbing work.

7. Do you specialize in a particular plumbing work?
Knowing what plumbing services your prospective plumber specializes in beforehand will help you in hiring the right person for your repair job. A plumber who is trained and skilled at repair works might not be the best person to handle your plumbing remodelling task. Determining what your prospective plumber does best early on and hiring them to handle a specific task will give you an assurance that your repair job will be done right the first time.

8. How fast can you respond to a plumbing job?
A quick response time is crucial for an emergency plumbing situation. Without a quick response, even the simplest plumbing issue can quickly worsen and destroy a home. So be sure to stay in contact with plumbing companies who provide 24 hours plumber service to help solve your plumbing issues and minimize your expenses.

Finding the right plumbing contractor is usually a matter of asking the right questions to ensure that you’re hiring someone that best suits your plumbing needs. Just be sure to avoid giving off an untrusting attitude and asking too many questions though, as you might end up scaring away the plumber who can help in fixing your problem.