Going Green: How to Optimize Your Aircon Usage

While Singapore tends to be a hot and humid country, none of this should deter you from living an eco-friendly life. Here are a few tips to help you beat the heat while minimizing the cost to your budget, and the environment.

1. Ensure air flow

One of the things that people often ignore when installing aircon units is the air flow in a room. Simply put, aircon units need good airflow for it to optimally cool down a room. For it to do this, make sure that there aren’t any objects that are directly in front of your unit. Also note the items inside your room. Make sure that there aren’t objects that are directly in front of your unit.

You could do other things to make sure that your room is well ventilated. For example, you may choose to close the windows in the afternoon to stop the heat from getting in, and open it up again in the evenings when the temperatures outside are cooler. You could also invest in energy-efficient window coverings or curtains that won’t let the heat in. You could also choose to tint your windows, which can help you keep sunlight out. Call a cheap aircon servicing from Singapore to help you check whether your home has optimal airflow for your aircon function efficiently.

Another thing that you could do to ensure ventilation is using a fan. Fans do not have a large energy consumption and can help move the air around in a room. With a fan, your aircon unit does not have to work as hard to cool an entire room.

2. Optimize your thermostat

Since most aircon units are often designed to change a set temperature, one of the most important aspects of your aircon is its ability to determine the temperature in a room. To optimize your thermostat, you should make sure that it is in an optimal location. Keep your thermostat away from any objects that produce heat. This can include objects like lamps, or appliances like the back of televisions. Also, make sure that your thermostat isn’t in a location with direct sunlight. Making sure that your thermostat is giving you an accurate reading can help you optimize your aircon usage.

3. Put your aircon in a suitable location

All electronics need to be kept in a suitable environment that is neither too hot or too cold. Otherwise, they would require an excessive amount of power to do its job, causing you to spend more electricity. Keeping your aircon in the shade can help it run more efficiently since it can be kept cool.

Covering your aircon can make sure that it is kept clean and free of foreign debris, but make sure to remove the cover before removing it. Covering the aircon would make it heat faster, causing it to use more electricity.

4. Insulate

Insulate your area to make sure that cold air stays in and hot air stays out. You should put insulation in your attic or ceiling. Also, make sure to pad your walls. There are several wall paddings available in Singapore, and some of them even double as a sound-proof barrier.

Make sure to seal all cracks and openings in your room. Cracks can usually be found around windows and doors. Also, remember to seal ducts. You may seal them yourself using a caulking agent, or contact a utility company.

5. Automate

If you tend to stick to a regular schedule, you could automate the time your aircon should operate. This is especially helpful if the aircon is being used for an establishment.

Try to turn off your aircon unit when you are not in the room. For those who do not want to come home to a hot room, you could simply close all the windows curtains to trap the cold air in. Chances are, the room wouldn’t be too hot when you come back. To really save on your electricity bill, you could turn off your aircon unit in the evenings, and simply open the windows to let the cold air in.

6. Optimize your appliances

One of the things that you should consider are the other things that generate heat inside the airconditioned room. Remember that appliances emit heat, some more than others. Try to limit the number of appliances running, especially those that emit a lot of heat.

Also, remember that light fixtures emit heat. Incandescent light bulbs generate more heat than its modern counterparts. Make sure to turn off any light fixtures that you do not need, and consider switching to more efficient lighting fixtures, such as LED and CFL light bulbs.

7. Contact a professional

Make sure to keep your aircon regularly maintained. You may choose to do the aircon maintenance yourself or have it be done by an aircon expert in Singapore like www.airconmaster.sg to guarantee quality maintenance every time. There are many tutorials that could guide you online, should you choose to maintain your own unit. However, you can be sure that your aircon unit gets fixed properly if you contact an aircon servicing provider. There are also a few things that only a licensed aircon servicing provider could do to maintain your aircon unit. Remember to have your unit checked before the summer months to ensure that would not need aircon repair at an inconvenient time.

8. Replace your unit

If all else fails, perhaps your unit is simply outdated. There are a lot of newer, more efficient models on the market available in Singapore that can help you make sure that your area is kept cool, without sacrificing electricity consumption.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*