What to Look for When Renting an Apartment, House or Villa in Ho Chi Minh City

Remember these pointers when looking for an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

1. Accessibility to Shops. If you are planning to rent apartment in Saigon, specifically in the busiest section of one of the districts, you should anticipate a higher rental fee. But renting an apartment at the quieter neighborhoods should still give you access to shops and markets for your needs.

2. Nearby Schools and Universities. If you’re bringing your entire family, find an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City that is located near schools and universities. If the rental fee is too high for you, look for a villa rental that is accessible for commuting.

3. Number of Rooms and Floor Layout. The number of rooms when you rent apartment in Saigon will also affect the rental fee charged by Vietnam Best Rent so ask the landlord if it’s possible to change the layout (adding or removing walls to create or expand a room) or if you can get another unit. If you’re planning to rent a studio apartment, you should at least determine if the layout of the room will allow you to perform your tasks easily. Will your furniture fit? Do you have enough space for your kitchen and dining area?

4. Facilities and Parking Space. Never agree to a contract if you cannot inspect the apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. You should be given a chance to tour the area and inspect the facilities in the unit. If you have a car, you should never forget to ask about the parking areas and if it’s included in the contract or is an added expense. Inspect the parking space to make sure that it is secure and accessible.

5. Amusement and Relaxation Spots. As one of the fastest growing cities in Vietnam, you should look for apartments or condominiums in the city that will give you access to shops, restaurants, and other amusement and relaxation spots. If you pick a location that’s within the center of the district, however, you should anticipate that it would be more expensive to rent apartment at HCMC.

6. Tolerable Neighbors. Observe the neighborhood when you’re doing an inspection. Better yet, you should interview them for a few minutes to ask about the landlord, the maintenance of the apartment complex or condominium, and common problems they encounter. If you do pick that unit, you will at least see familiar faces when you move in.

7. Transportation. If you plan to rent a house in district 3, make sure that it is accessible when you need to go to work. Take some time to look for the nearest shops, schools, hospitals, and restaurant in the area, then ask the locals about how to get to these buildings. If the place is inaccessible or is in a remote part of the district, the rent should be cheaper than accessible a rent apartment at HCMC.

8. Pet Policy. There are opportunities to rent apartment at HCMC that allows for pets, so if you need to bring your dog or cat, make sure that you discuss this with the landlord to avoid surprises. Remember to take note of the rules about raising pets and to ask the neighbors about their experience. This should also be included in the contract when you rent a house.

9. Landlord Impression. If you find it difficult to ask for details about a condominium rental in district 1, you should probably look for a vacancy elsewhere. If a landlord cares for his/her apartment for rent in Ho Chi Min City, then he/she should leave opportunities for applicants to contact him/her. Response should be timely and polite, especially if you want to discuss the condition of the villa rental or condo. The landlord’s communication skills before any contract can be even made is a good indicator of how he/she will respond to complaints and maintenance requests in the future.

10. Rate and Method of Payment. Any reputable villa rental or rent a house contract in Vietnam should base their rates on the average rental fee in the neighborhood. But what if you want a cheap Saigon apartment rental contract? Sure, you can go for that, but you should be aware that it could probably be a scam or the promised apartment is different from what was shown in the photos. It also goes without saying that you should stay away from a landlord who asks right away for payment even without a contract. Check out http://www.bestrent.vn/ in Vietnam for reliable property brokerage and legit properties for sale and for rent in Saigon.

11. Proper Maintenance. When looking for an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City, make sure that the unit justifies the rate. Sure, there are high-end Saigon apartment rental opportunities that offer the best facilities, but that does not mean you should settle for a poorly-maintained unit because it’s cheap. Look for out of order signs and ongoing renovations when you inspect an apartment for rent in district 2 for example, or you can ask the neighbors about the maintenance requests that have not been fulfilled.

12. Tenant Screening. If you’re looking for a cheap Saigon apartment rental, you should be wary of landlords who do not screen their applicants effectively. But wouldn’t a strict landlord just make the application more difficult? If you have your documents and identification in order, this should not be an issue with a credible landlord. If the requirements are too easy to fulfill, then you might be looking at a scam or questionable rent a house contract. Most likely the apartment is in a bad condition, too.

13. Clear Rental Contract. You should at least know the average rent in the neighborhood, the eviction laws, and the terms in the contract. Read and ask questions before signing to avoid regretting the decision later. You should also look for blank spaces in the contract pertaining to the method of payment, the asking rent and other expenses that you will shoulder, and other related information. If possible, there should be a breakdown of the items you’re supposed to pay, violations of the contract, and provisions for late payments.