Tips in Hiring a Wedding Live Band

One of the difficult parts in a wedding reception is how to hold the guests longer and how to provide good times for everyone. Well, music is one of the biggest factors for this. Good entertainment and music are the things that will keep your guests from wanting to go home after the whole reception program. After a week, nobody will remember how your bouquet looked like, but the memory of fun and laughter will always be remembered. So in order to ensure good times, hire a wedding live band. Here are some tips on how to hire and look for the best wedding live band.

  1. Research and Ask Around

No matter what type of vendor you’re looking for, this is the most effective way in searching for the best one. Visit a wedding live band website and read client testimonials to get an idea of what to expect from the group. If you happen to attend an event from Singapore with a ballroom singer and guitarist playing, approach them backstage and ask about their pricing. Do this in every event and entertainment group you encounter, and you’re sure to find the right one for your own wedding.  

  • Take Note of The Personality

Probably, every band you try to negotiate with will be able to play your songs really well. What you really have to look for is the band’s personality. The band should match your style as you will be going to work with them closely. They also have the power to set the mood of your wedding celebration, therefore their personality really matters. The band should also provide a song list for you to check, but don’t get too tied up with their chosen songs. You can inject some of your favourite songs, and if given enough time, they can also learn new ones to cater your requests.

  • Do Not Micromanage

Although it is YOUR day, it doesn’t mean that you have to be greedy on the choice of songs. Yes, you like groovy modern RnB’s but what about Uncle John and little nephew Joey? What will bring them to the dance floor? Set a meeting with the band leader and talk about your wedding playlist. Let her identify your crowd and put up the best playlist for your event.

  • Think and Understand Your Budget

A wedding band can cost thousands of dollars. The price depends on the experience of the last-minute and the number of band members. Typically, wedding live bands quote their prices for 3-4 hours of performance. If you want to have music for the ceremony, cocktail and dinner, keep in mind that those additional performances also mean additional charges. You also have to ask about their transportation fee, is it already included in the quote or not? Also, you have to feed your performers. Caterers usually give discounts for photographers’ and performers’ meals.

  • Hire a Band ASAP!

Good wedding bands are easily booked up. That’s why you have to secure your reservation a year in advance. Also, the band is one of the major expenses of the wedding. Settling this first will give you enough time for other minor details to be adjusted.  Moreover, if you want to request a special song, the band usually wants to have it 6-8 weeks before the wedding day to master the whole piece. This alone shows that hiring a band for your wedding shouldn’t be a last minute task.