Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment for a Bistro

A bistro is sometimes confused with a café, because the ambiance of both types of restaurants is relaxed and informal. Bistros, like cafes, brasseries, and bars serve a variety of food and beverages, but like all restaurants, the kitchen is the most important part of the business because that’s where food comes to life.

However, not all types of restaurants will need the same commercial kitchen equipment. When opening a bistro in Singapore, make sure that you have an estimate of the expected daily volume and performance and the types of food and beverage on your menu. Consult a kitchen equipment supplier and a kitchen designer in Singapore to make the most out of the kitchen space.

These are the basic and essential commercial kitchen equipment a bistro will need.

• Range: For a bistro, pick a commercial range from a Singapore commercial kitchen equipment supplier that has an open top and griddles, but you could also pick commercial kitchen equipment with a charbroiler, wok, and refrigeration bases depending on your menu. If you pick a heavy-duty range for the bistro the model should include burners, convection oven, and griddle.

• Grill: If your bistro is planning to serve several grilled recipes, you should invest in a commercial grill that’s separate from your range. There is different special commercial kitchen equipment used for grilling that you can purchase at your kitchen equipment supplier, such as the gas, electric, drop-in, induction, teppanyaki, panini, charbroiler, tortilla and press, and towable or outdoor grills.

• Oven: For your commercial oven, you can choose among the following: standard oven for most types of food; convection oven, which uses a different air circulation technique to cook food faster; conveyor oven for pizza and for a high volume of food; cook and hold oven for braising; deck oven for bread and pizza; rotisseries oven for most meat recipes; and salamander broiler for meat like steaks and chops.

• Fryer: A commercial fryer for a bistro should at least be a 40-pound model to meet the demands in the food preparation. Check the fryer’s drainboards, flue, frying area, and fryer battery when purchasing a new unit from your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore.

• Broiler: This commercial kitchen equipment will help your bistro prepare food faster. A broiler is a type of oven, similar to a salamander broiler that is used for recipes with meat and seafood.

• Steamer: The size of the steamer from in Singapore will depend on the number of food you will prepare daily. For large volumes, you might need a compartment floor steamer from your commercial kitchen equipment supplier.

• Steam Kettle: This could be an electric, gas or direct steam kettle. Pick the largest steam kettle you can afford for your bistro.

• Microwave Oven: Even if you have a large oven, you will still need a commercial microwave oven for heating food in a few minutes. High-volume microwave ovens are ideal for large volumes of food, but you can also talk to your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore for stackable models and low-volume models.

• Commercial Refrigerator: The size of the refrigerator will also depend on the volume of food you’re expected to serve daily. For a bistro, you will need a reach-in refrigerator separate from your commercial freezer. If you have a bar, you will also need a countertop or underbar refrigerator.

• Freezer and Cooler: The freezer is used for goods that are temperature-sensitive such as meat and seafood. Walk-in cooler or central coolers might be ideal for a bistro in Singapore that serves a variety of food.

• Ice Machines: For a bistro in Singapore, talk to your kitchen equipment supplier about undercounter ice machines and ice makers or ice block maker and liner. You will also need an ice bin and ice dispenser.

• Coffee Maker: If the bistro is planning to serve coffee, it should have the following commercial kitchen equipment: automatic drip coffee maker, espresso machine, coffee grinder, water and milk dispenser, and a water filtration system.

• Beverage and Soda System: For other drinks, your bistro in Singapore will need the following: refrigerated beverage dispensers, slushy or granita machine, beer dispenser, iced tea brewer, frozen cocktail equipment and dispenser, hot water dispenser, juicer, and milkshake equipment.

• Ice Cream Equipment: If your bistro is serving ice cream or recipes with ice cream, look for the following commercial kitchen equipment: ice cream display cabinet, ice cream dipping cabinet, gelato display, soft serve machine, blast freezer, ice crusher, and ice shaver.

• Meat Grinder: This commercial kitchen equipment is needed for chopping and grinding meat faster. They can be manually-operated or electric.

• Cheese Melter: This is a type of commercial oven, usually a countertop model, to make preparation of cheese faster.

• Slicers. Meat slicers will help make food preparation faster. Choose from any of the following at your kitchen equipment supplier: manual meat slicer, gravity feed meat slicer, automatic slicer, and slicer with removable knife.

• Mixers: A stand or floor mixer is needed in a bistro to prepare eggs, meringue, and batters faster. You should also purchase a dough mixer if the bistro is serving pizza. Look for heavy duty commercial kitchen equipment.

• Food Processor: For a bistro, a continuous feed food processor with bowl is the ideal commercial kitchen equipment model. Some food processors also include choppers, shredders, slicers, and grinders.

• Blender: Commercial blenders with several controls and options are ideal for a bistro in Singapore. However, you might need a different blender each for food and drinks

• Dishwasher: For a bistro, a conveyor dishwasher and a separate glass washer machine are the most ideal. You should also have a shelving and cabinet for the dishes and other smallware near the dishwasher.

• Water Dispenser: Pick a gallon water dispenser model that can dispense hot and cold water. You could also have a separate hot water dispenser for coffee and other hot beverages.