12 Electrical Problems You Should Watch Out For

Problems with your home’s electrical works potentially lead to bigger problems that can place the entire family in danger. While some minor problems can be solved without having to call a licensed electrician in Singapore, other issues need the expertise of a professional electrician.

1. Flickering Lights

If you just replaced a faulty light in your home but there are still no improvement, the problem could be more serious than just a used up light fixture. Flickering lights might just be one of the signs, but the appliances are also affected by problems in your home’s electrical works. For example, watch out for dimming lights in the refrigerator, the air conditioner, or other appliances with lights whenever you turn on another electrical appliance. A licensed electrician from Singapore will be looking for such signs when doing the inspection before any repair can commence.

2. Electrical Circuit Breaker Trips

Is your circuit breaker tripping more often lately? Maybe it cannot handle the wattage that you require and needs to be upgraded to meet your demands. Before moving into a new apartment, ask an electrician to inspect the circuit breaker to determine if it can handle all your energy needs.

3. Few Electrical Outlets

Do you use a lot of power strips at home, creating tangles of cables on the floor and walls? You might set the house on fire if you continue such practice. The best solution is to hire a good electrician in Singapore who will determine how many outlets you can have installed so that you do not work your electrical system beyond its capacity. If it is an old home, for example, there’s a good chance your electrical system is already harbouring some risky problems. A thorough inspection by a professional electrician will solve this problem.

4. Plugs Are Not Grounded

Perhaps it is time to call a licensed electrician to inspect your plugs to determine if they are grounded properly. Modern homes nowadays should have outlets that will accept three-prong plugs that are grounded. The electrician should be able to install a new grounded plug to make sure your home safe for your family.

5. Old Wire Insulation

Old homes need to be inspected by an electrician before being moved in to determine if there are problems that have been overlooked by the previous owner or the apartment manager. For example, some old wires may need to be replaced if their insulation has been worn out, because you could get electrocuted if you are not careful. Replacing old, worn-out wires is cheaper than hospital bills and structure renovations.

6. Warm Switches and Outlets

If you notice any electrical switches, plugs, and other nearby surfaces are warm to the touch, do not use these anymore as it indicates that they need to be replaced or upgraded because its circuit has reached its capacity. This problem is common in old homes that have not been inspected by an electrician for years. If it is a home built with aluminum electrical wiring for example, a regular check by an electrician services company is needed to ensure its safety.

7. Rusty Service Panel

If you notice that the service panel is slowly rusting over, it indicates a serious problem that needs immediate attention from a licensed electrician in Singapore. Its deterioration could cause problems with the wiring inside and might also affect the rest of the electrical works at home. Perhaps it is time to upgrade and replace some of the wirings and connections because they are worn out and old. Homes that are older than twenty-five years need to be up-to-date with the standards in electrical works.

8. Expensive Electrical Bills

Changes in your electrical bills could indicate a problem in your electrical works that you might have not noticed. Perhaps the problem could be that you are not using energy efficiently at home, but if you cannot determine the source of the problem, you should call an electrician to pinpoint the cause. Maybe your old appliances need to be replaced or your electrical wiring must be upgraded to be energy-efficient.

9. Exposed Wires

Exposed wires are fire hazards that should not be ignored even if your electrical works seem to be working fine. If you have just renovated or repaired your home, make sure that you consult a licensed electrician in Singapore to inspect any damage to the electrical wiring. Exposed wires should be spliced, covered, or attached to your home’s structural framing properly.

10. Odor from Receptacle or Switch

Your switch and plugs should not emit any odor because it could start a fire. Stop using the plug or switch, then call a professional electrician in Singapore like http://www.powermax.com.sg/ to find the source of the smell and attend to any electrical problems that could be causing the odor. The switch or receptacle might also have to be replaced if it is defective.

11. Receptacles Won’t Hold

If you have just moved into a new apartment in Singapore, you need to make sure that there are no problems in the outlets, lights, and switches. Old units for example, need upgrading after a thorough inspection. Observe if the insulation in the wires come off every time you plug or unplug a switch. Do the plugs’ receptacles hold if you plug in an electrical appliance? Are there bits of rubber on the switch covers? The wires should be replaced by a licensed technician to keep the home same for your family.

12. Too Many Appliances

Maybe you do not have problems in your home’s electrical wirings, plugs, and switches but you are using more energy than your circuit panel can handle. Hire an electrician to inspect the outlets and circuit panel to determine the best possible solution.

You should only trust a licensed electrician in Singapore to address these problems, especially in older homes that might have more problems that you have overlooked. The best electrician services companies will be able not just to solve these problems, but will also make the home safer by keeping up with the updated electrical standards and demands.