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SMITH ANDERSEN EDITIONS is a small fine arts press established in Palo Alto, California in 1969. Located at 440 Pepper Ave., it was founded to encourage experimentation with the monoprint and monotype.

While invited artists have stressed the “unique” impression, ideas derived from monoprints have spawned editions published by SAE. SAE does no custom work. Artists whose inclinations and imagery seem suited to monotypes and derivative processes are invited to spend time at 440 Pepper Ave.

To date, SAE has published many contemporary projects. SAE hopes to encourage young artists as well as established painters and sculptors to work on unique prints – prints which employ the processes of painting drawing and printmaking to achieve fine works of art of distinguished vision.

In fulfilling its artistic goals, SAE can provide the collector of contemporary art with ambitious prints of quality at reasonable prices. Because of our experimental approach, the collector is often provided with a rich harvest of variants for critical consideration and purchase. The opportunity to view and select from a large body of work at the press can be exciting and challenging. Thus, SAE invites your inquiries and welcomes your visit.


Tips in Hiring a Wedding Live Band

One of the difficult parts in a wedding reception is how to hold the guests longer and how to provide good times for everyone. Well, music is one of the biggest factors for this. Good entertainment and music are the things that will keep your guests from wanting to go home after the whole reception program. After a week, nobody will remember how your bouquet looked like, but the memory of fun and laughter will always be remembered. So in order to ensure good times, hire a wedding live band. Here are some tips on how to hire and look for the best wedding live band.

  1. Research and Ask Around

No matter what type of vendor you’re looking for, this is the most effective way in searching for the best one. Visit a wedding live band website and read client testimonials to get an idea of what to expect from the group. If you happen to attend an event from Singapore with a ballroom singer and guitarist playing, approach them backstage and ask about their pricing. Do this in every event and entertainment group you encounter, and you’re sure to find the right one for your own wedding.  

  • Take Note of The Personality

Probably, every band you try to negotiate with will be able to play your songs really well. What you really have to look for is the band’s personality. The band should match your style as you will be going to work with them closely. They also have the power to set the mood of your wedding celebration, therefore their personality really matters. The band should also provide a song list for you to check, but don’t get too tied up with their chosen songs. You can inject some of your favourite songs, and if given enough time, they can also learn new ones to cater your requests.

  • Do Not Micromanage

Although it is YOUR day, it doesn’t mean that you have to be greedy on the choice of songs. Yes, you like groovy modern RnB’s but what about Uncle John and little nephew Joey? What will bring them to the dance floor? Set a meeting with the band leader and talk about your wedding playlist. Let her identify your crowd and put up the best playlist for your event.

  • Think and Understand Your Budget

A wedding band can cost thousands of dollars. The price depends on the experience of the last-minute and the number of band members. Typically, wedding live bands quote their prices for 3-4 hours of performance. If you want to have music for the ceremony, cocktail and dinner, keep in mind that those additional performances also mean additional charges. You also have to ask about their transportation fee, is it already included in the quote or not? Also, you have to feed your performers. Caterers usually give discounts for photographers’ and performers’ meals.

  • Hire a Band ASAP!

Good wedding bands are easily booked up. That’s why you have to secure your reservation a year in advance. Also, the band is one of the major expenses of the wedding. Settling this first will give you enough time for other minor details to be adjusted.  Moreover, if you want to request a special song, the band usually wants to have it 6-8 weeks before the wedding day to master the whole piece. This alone shows that hiring a band for your wedding shouldn’t be a last minute task.

The Complete Guide to the Different Types of Company Structures in Singapore

On paper, a company is a legal entity comprised of a voluntary association of people, whether it happens to be natural or legal. This can also be a mixture of both. The members and associates within a said company share a common purpose and focus their resources to achieve specific goals.

When your organization goes through company registration, it can take on different forms depending on the goals of the members that comprise it, such as a voluntary association (e.g. non-profit organizations), a specific business entity, or a financial entity (e.g. banks).

How to register a company or setup a new business entity in Singapore will depend based on the type of company registration you need, as well as the different requirements in different countries. If you have plans to do business in the country, Singapore also has its own regulations of the different types of company structures that you need to keep in mind when you choose to register company with ACRA.

Limited Liability Company
This legal entity called a limited liability company, or LLC, is limited by its amount of share capital. Under the Singapore Companies Act, an LLC is a recognized business entity that is separate from the members that comprise it.
This in turn limits the members’ liability to the assets within the company. For instance, if a lawsuit is filed against a member of the company, any seizure in assets will be limited to those of the member’s assets within the company, and the personal assets of the members are protected.

Opting to register company as an LLC can fall under two sub-categories:
• Private Limited – This is the type of LLC that most entrepreneurs prefer to establish, where the maximum number of shareholders is less than fifty and share auctioning is mostly closed off to the general public.
These shareholders can either be comprised of individuals, or by corporate entities.

• Public Limited – This is the type of LLC that may offer sell its shares with the intent of having the general public as an investor, and would need at least fifty shareholders. Because of this, public limited companies have (and are subject to) more stringent regulations and policies.

Two or more companies can even form a limited liability company and in the process turn into a corporation through a process known as company incorporation.

Through company incorporation, the resulting combination of companies is granted the same legal status as a person and is in turn separate from the companies or the companies’ owners.

Sole Proprietorship
When setting up a firm as a sole owner, your company is listed as a sole proprietorship, which is the easiest to set up. For offshore entrepreneurs looking to register company for foreigner enterprises, all you need is to appoint a local manager residing in the country for you to start establishing an enterprise. You might also need assistance from firms which offer company registration services in Singapore such as

However, this very nature of a sole proprietorship company also makes it highly risky, since all assets and liabilities of the company are treated as the owner’s own. This a serious drawback if you happen to be unable to pay the bills, or even shoulder the cost of registering a company.

This type of business structure attempts to address the constraints of a sole proprietorship, and allows two or more people to establish it as co-owners. Partnerships can come in different categories, such as the following:
• General – When you want to register company, general partnerships are also considered risky as they have the same drawbacks as a sole proprietorship: the business’s assets and liabilities are treated as those of the owners’.

• Limited – Another legal structure that attempts to address these constraints introduces the concept of the limited partner along with the general partner. However, limited partners’ liabilities only extend to their investments in the company and can’t participate in the business’s management.

• Limited Liability – Of the three types of partnership entities, the limited liability partnership, or LLP, combines the features of both partnership and company. However, opting to register company for this type of legal structure is meant specifically for professions, not for businesses that carry a particular trade.

Partnerships are easy to set up, but have only have a maximum number of twenty partners. Once there are more than twenty partners, you will need to register as a company, undergo the necessary paperwork, and pay the incorporation fees.

Registration Options for Foreign Companies
Though it is possible as an offshore entrepreneur or business owner to register company in Singapore for foreigner enterprises, available options are often limited to the following:

• Subsidiary – A subsidiary company is treated as its own separate entity, with the parent company acting as a primary shareholder. This is the most preferred choice for starting a small business.

• Branch/Representative Office – Branch offices and representative offices are a way for the parent company to extend into the country, but work in different ways. While branch offices are treated as an extension of the parent company, representative offices are geared more towards marketing research.

The Open Model
The open company has developed as a more recent legal entity that revolves around concepts such as free, open-source content and software, as well as more open standards and tools. This approach to business places its value on record and financial transparency, accountability, and the inclusion of stakeholders and investors.

While a traditional closed company may be more rigid in terms of focusing on earning a profit or achieving a specific goal, an open company is more likely to focus more on personal engagement and positive outcome, and has an easier application process.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Property in Vietnam Right Now

Property investment is one of the most stable sources of passive income available in the market, and while there are a lot of interesting markets when it comes to purchasing stable real estate, there is one particular place that has emerged in recent years.

With its rich history, its lively culture, and the natural beauty of its urban and rural landscapes (with ancient temples, foggy mountains, and sunny beaches all in the same country), it’s no surprise that Vietnam is definitely a sight for sore eyes for a lot of expats and investors alike.

However, there are other reasons to move to the country – and here are the biggest ones why you should look into Vietnam for the investment opportunity of a lifetime:

1. Recent legislation has now made it easier to buy property in Vietnam.

Because of recent laws that have been passed, every foreign investor that has been granted a Vietnam visa can take advantage of the property launch in Ho Chi Minh City and invest on real estate industry in the country. Whether it be a condominium, an apartment or a villa, any qualified foreigner can own a residential property here in Saigon.
As long as the purchases don’t go over thirty percent of the total available units of a particular complex, there’s no limit in the number of properties that a foreign investor can purchase.

Property can also be sub-let, inherited, or collateralized for foreign investors, and though land can only be technically “leased” from the state, this lease can be constantly renewable. This in turn allows Vietnam to have one of the most open and lucrative property markets in all of Asia.

2. New project launches are constantly emerging in the country.

Ho Chi Minh City is currently budding with real estate opportunities for expats and investors, with the biggest of them being District 1, the city’s commercial and trading hub. Also, Binh Thanh District has quite a lot to offer, with vinhomes central park for sale as one of the popular residential projects in Vietnam. This residential complex features modern apartments and officetel units alongside shopping malls, cinemas and many dining options.

District 1 is also the busiest district in Ho Chi Minh City, so you can expect a lot of traffic in the downtown and business areas of the city. But you can also find the most amenities and the best nightlife here.

Closely following District 1 when it comes to attracting foreigners and expats are District 2 and District 4. District 2, particularly Thao Dien (the district’s north end), is a popular area for expat families to settle because of its calm, relaxed atmosphere.

District 4 is surrounded by these two districts, but occupies its own small “island” with the Saigon River on one side and two canals on the other. This makes the district famous for its abundance of fresh seafood, and a lot of the city’s fish hauls often stop by at this district first.

3. Your investment’s safety is assured with strong warranties and safeguards.

There’s every reason to rest easy when planning to invest in premium properties, such as in one of those superior units in property launch for De La Sol in Vietnam. These newly opened upscale housing projects are major investments, so it pays to ensure you have good warranty coverage.

This is because all developers are required to secure bankers’ guarantee from local banks that are approved by the state. These banks are liable to pay back the buyer if the property isn’t completed and given on time.

Here, the pressure is now on the banks and developers to make sure that the property is completed on time, or the buyer is compensated if it isn’t.

When it comes to construction, a 1-year warranty is provided for buyers to cover any defects, fixtures and fittings within the property, as well as a 5-year contractor warranty for any structural issues that could happen with the property.

4. The process itself is now more investor-friendly.

While the Sales and Purchase Agreement is still signed in Vietnamese (and is of course, subject to Vietnamese law), most developers and real estate agents in the country now have versions of the SPA in English translated by lawyers, and signing on both language copies makes them both equally valid.

It’s also a lot safer since there’s no need to consult a conveyancing lawyer beforehand. This is because developers in the primary market are the ones who take care of most of the documentation on the homeowner’s behalf.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a CCTV Security System

Here in Singapore, CCTV systems are almost expected in public spaces. It’s not surprising, considering that they have a lot of benefits, from the heightened sense of security to the added monitoring that it provides. Especially in businesses, a CCTV camera can give you a lot of benefits, as with the current leaps in technology, being able to monitor our spaces has never been easier.

As a responsible business owner, it’s always a good idea to invest in the latest technology for your business. Whether you only reach a small population of Singapore, or encompasses many different countries, taking advantage of technological advances is always a good move. One of the technologies that you can invest in is the CCTV camera. A security camera can easily replace other security methods, such as security guards, all while being more reliable and cheap. But that’s not all the reasons why you should install CCTV; here are six reasons why your business needs a CCTV security system.

1. Prevent crime

One of the benefits that people first think about when considering a CCTV system is its ability to prevent crime. This isn’t unfounded; there have been studies showing that a well-placed security camera, especially when complemented with an ip door access locking solution to secure your Singapore office, can lessen crime by up to 50%. This lowered crime rate can mean hundreds of dollars saved from your business. Biometrics security and CCTV doesn’t just save your inventory but your productivity as well.

Even just the presence of a CCTV camera has been shown to decrease crime. Criminals have been known to avoid places with a security camera, for good reason. Additionally, a CCTV camera allows you an instantaneous view of what is happening in danger-prone areas, such as in the front of the shop. Rather than having a security guard approach the criminal and possibly endangering other people nearby, you can prepare for danger enabling you to reduce the risk of harm and remove danger as fast as possible.

Should a crime occur, a CCTV can still help you catch perpetrators. CCTV footage can be used in helping identify criminals and can be a very reliable piece of evidence should there be a court hearing. You could also use the footage to file insurance claims, should you be met with damaged goods.

2. Monitor employees

While the presence of CCTV cameras can deter criminals from going near the premises, even just their presence can also better the behavior of your employees. Even just a simple office camera can give your employees a sense of security, knowing that they’re in a lower risk of danger from criminals, as well as the fact that there wouldn’t be any illegal behavior among their peers. Even if something does go wrong, such as a missing piece of inventory, you can easily find the perpetrator and reduce the risk of wrong accusations.

3. Encourage order among everyone in the premises

Both customers and employees tend to act more responsibly in the presence of a CCTV camera. There will be fewer chances of customers breaking rules, such as bringing in drinks and food when it’s not allowed, as well as opening sealed packets. This is especially important for businesses with a large floor area, wherein not every inch can be personally monitored by staff. Additionally, you have the added advantages of having your customers trust in your ability to keep them safe while they are in the premises, making them feel more comfortable with their transactions, and encouraging them to do continue doing business with you.

4. Prevent safety incidents

CCTV cameras are a great asset especially for Singapore businesses who manufacture products. For every good business owner, safety should be one of the biggest priorities in danger-prone areas, such as factory floors, or areas that have been known to attract criminal behavior. This can also include other hazardous places such as fire-prone areas like kitchens and archive rooms, or places with a lot of wiring.

Cameras that have been qualified to work in risk-prone environments, like an outdoor camera or a PTZ camera, can greatly reduce the risks that are present in these areas. While these special cameras can be more costly than other models, they have consistently proven to be a good investment. Call for a cctv installation services here in Singapore for professional fitting of CCTV cameras in your premises. CCTV and biometrics technology are great ways to secure your assets, while making sure that your business remains as productive as it can be.

5. Remote viewing

If you use IP CCTV, your feed is immediately stored in a remote location. Because of its more flexible connections, it’s also much easier to remotely view an IP camera feed compared to that of an analog camera set-up. Whether you’re attending an overseas meeting or simply away on a business trip, an IP camera can let you watch over how your business is doing at the push of a button. As a bonus, IP CCTV gives you a feed with higher definition, as an IP camera transmits its feed faster, and even has a lot more features afforded to it than an analog camera.

6. Assist law enforcement

Public law enforcement has been greatly aided by CCTV cameras. While there are cameras that have been installed by public officials, private CCTV systems have still helped the police solve crimes. With the help of a CCTV, you can give the police access to. Your establishment doesn’t even have to have been attacked by the suspects; if they robbed a nearby establishment and were believed to have come past your store, a CCTV camera recording outside footage can be used to determine where the suspects are headed, for example.

How to Choose the Right Painting Contractor

Not a lot of people think they need professional painting services. Many people, even in Singapore, approach painting as a do-it-yourself project. However, painting isn’t as easy as it looks. There are many things you will need to consider such as the primer, making sure your paint has a smooth finish and making sure that your paint color is even. Not to mention, painting mistakes can be very expensive.

The wrong type of paint on the wrong type of material could mean hundreds of dollars going down the drain. Unless you’re a seasoned painter, hiring a painting contractor can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. But with all the contractors you could hire in Singapore, how do you find the best painter for your house or HDB?

There are many factors that you should consider when hiring a painting contractor. You should consider your budget, the number of surfaces that need painting, the shade and type of paint that you want to use, and the time you could dedicate to the home or HDB painting service. The best painter can keep all of these things in mind while making sure that the quality of your condo painting is the best that it can be.

But before you can make any large decisions about your painting contractor, it’s helpful to understand what a painting contractor does. First, a painting contractor can work under a company as a sub-contractor. These contractors can cost more than contractors who can be hired directly, but they also come with more benefits since they are well-knowledgeable about ideal home wall paint in Singapore and most likely in other countries as well. Because these contractors bring the name of a company with them, it means that they have added certification, and you are more secure if you choose to hire them for your condo painting.

Now, here are some tips on making sure that you’re picking the right painting contractor for you.

1. Make sure your contractor has contracts and licenses

When choosing through the many painting contractors in Singapore, the most important thing you should consider are their contracts and licenses. If your contractor is a part of a larger company, you are more protected from legal matters. However, you can still safely hire contractors directly, so long as you make sure you understand all the legal parts of the contract.

Before hiring a contractor, remember to check their licenses and insurance. You wouldn’t want to get into legal trouble that you could have easily avoided. An insurance policy means that if any accidents happen during the time that they’re on your property, you are not liable for any damages.

2. Talk about preparation work

Inexperienced painting contractors may underestimate the importance of preparation work, but not properly preparing a surface can mean a bad quality in the end-product. Preparation work can mean many different things, and its specifics would depend on the room that needs painting.

Generally, preparation means light sanding of the surfaces that should be painted, as well as covering floors and other areas like floors and countertops. It usually also includes removal of other materials protruding from surfaces that should be painted on, such as nails and electrical plates. Sometimes, it may include moving heavy furniture out of the way, to make space for painting supplies and materials. However, your painting contractor will generally do only minor preparations and will assume that the room will be ready for painting unless discussed in a prior arrangement.

3. Get a formal estimate

Getting a formal estimate for your condo painting or HDB painting service from in Singapore can help you understand the project’s overall costs. If you’re on a budget, this can be especially important as you can negotiate and lower the costs. Formal estimates also include the scope of the project, the materials they will use, the amount of prep work they will do, the estimated time, and finally the cost. To make sure that your estimates hold water, it should be given to you on an official document, instead of being hastily written on the back of a receipt or a business card.

4. See if they have enough knowledge

Before hiring a painting contractor, it would be best to ask them some initial questions about the project. This can help you gauge their knowledge and experience in their job. You can ask questions and recommendations, such as materials and techniques. Of course, knowing a little bit about the technicalities and jargon of painting services can help, but a lack of knowledge doesn’t have to be a hindrance. The best painter can explain to you their methods without resorting to technical jargon.

5. Guarantees

Along with all the other legal documents that you would need to consider when hiring a painting contractor is the warranties that come with the service. You should make sure that you have a legal recourse should you need to have the painting service fixed for any reason. While your contractor may offer their own warranties, you should also include the warranties that come from paint manufacturers. You should also make sure that your contractor uses reputable manufacturers, as you can be more secure with their guarantees.

6. Consider more than one contractor

Considering more than one contractor can greatly increase your chances of finding the right one for your project. It’s generally a good idea to consider at least three different contractors. Ask the same questions to each of them and go in with the same expectations, keeping in mind your budget and vision. Then, once you receive their quotations, compare all proposals and make sure to weigh the cost, time, scope and prep work, including legal details like their insurance and documentation, as well as what is included in their painting services.

Bad Habits that Will Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease (And How to Change Them)

In Singapore, about fifteen people suffer from heart disease every day. One of the most common causes of heart diseases is atherosclerosis, which is the clogging of the arteries by the rupturing of plaque, resulting in clotting and severe restriction of blood flow.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to heart disease, many of which are preventable and can be improved. Here are a few that can be changed in order to minimize the risk of heart disease without having to schedule an appointment with a cardiologist for heart screening:

1. Lack of Proper Stress Management
Stress is an essential mechanism that allows us to cope with pressure in certain situations. When a person is stressed, cortisol is formed in the brain as a “fight-or-flight” response hormone, which increases blood sugar while breaking down fats and carbohydrates.

However, being angry or being exposed to stress for extended periods of time can actually be harmful to your body. Not only can unrelieved stress inflict damage to your arteries, but it can also complicate or cause other factors to contribute to potential heart disease.

The build-up of cortisol in the bloodstream also has other effects, such as decreased mental function, Stress management that doesn’t rely on smoking or drinking will do your body wonders in the long run.

2. Not Eating Breakfast/Having a Poor Diet
Believe it or not, having a healthy heart isn’t just about what you eat (i.e. fruits, vegetables, and whole grains), but also about when you eat.

Many studies suggest that people who eat breakfast regularly or more frequently compared to non-eaters tend to be at lower risk of heart disease and are at lower risk of having high cholesterol levels as well as high blood pressure.

Your diet can also increase your risk of developing heart disease according to cardiac specialists from Singapore especially if it consists of an unhealthy amount of salts, fats, and oils. To minimize this risk, switch instead to a diet rich in fibers, such as fruits and vegetables, and avoid or minimize your daily intake of red meat.

3. Drinking
While alcohol itself has no direct effect on the heart, it is essentially made up of empty calories and causes high blood pressure to rebound the day after. Not only does this make your heart susceptible to abnormal rhythm, but this also increases the heart’s susceptibility to muscle weakness and, if not treated early enough, even muscle damage.

Despite this, the occasional glass of red wine can still do you wonders, provided that you drink in moderation.

4. Smoking
The effects of smoking are primarily attributed to your lungs. However, they could also affect your heart via the blood vessels that channel blood through your respiratory system as well as your entire body. Second-hand smoke is also considered to be more toxic than first-hand smoke.

Both smoking and drinking are highly addictive and take a lot of discipline and willpower to change. It isn’t surprising that a lot of former smokers or drinkers trying to quit relapse at least once or find a lot of difficulty in trying to quit for good.

To get you started on quitting, a quick visit to a heart specialist or heart doctor will tell you the dangers of excessive smoking and drinking with one or two X-rays or a brief story about a patient that they had previously encountered.

5. Sleeping Late/Not Getting Enough Sleep
A lack of sleep could also result in high cortisol levels in a person’s system similar to prolonged stress. Not only does this result in a reduced motor function or feelings of anxiety or depression in the short term, but can also place a strain on the heart in the long term.

The recommended amount of sleep for adults is between seven and nine hours. The best way for you to know how much sleep you need is by simply writing down the time you go to sleep and the time you wake up.

6. Not Getting Enough Exercise
Lack of physical activity could also increase your chances of developing a heart disease, as the high cholesterol and deposits of body fat can build up and potentially clog major arteries and blood vessels.

The build-up of fat in your arteries is otherwise known as “plaque”, and is one of the most common causes of atherosclerosis.

Intense physical activity, such as exercise, can not only process the deposits of body fat and cholesterol in your bloodstream, but also increase your cardiovascular endurance and minimize this risk in the future.

On Regular Heart Screening
While you may not be diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease until you suffer from a heart attack, it’s important that you see a cardiologist in Singapore and schedule a heart screening on a regular basis.

There are many different procedures which a cardiologist to monitor vital signs or any anomalies in your cardiovascular system, such as irregular rhythms, or even high or low blood pressure. Singapore also has many competent specialists, so finding the best cardiologist or cardiology center for you should not be a problem.

This is because heart screening is readily available in a cardiology center in either a government hospital or at a private clinic, where a heart specialist or heart doctor will monitor any signs or anomalies and prescribe you the necessary medications as well as lifestyle changes in order to minimize risks.

Starting a Mobile Locksmith Business

Starting out a mobile locksmith business in Singapore is one of the most innovative way to earn extra bucks during your free time. With the constant rise in the incidence of home burglaries, getting into a locksmith service industry is definitely one of the more profitable home-based business around. You also don’t need to invest a lot of money just to get into the locksmith business. In fact, you can already start out your locksmith Singapore business after purchasing some good tools and taking up a few classes. To help you further improve your budding locksmith business, here are some simple and easy mobile locksmith business tips to get by.

1. Get educated about the latest security and lock systems. Locks are becoming sophisticated nowadays, as people learn to prepare and protect not just their cars but their homes as well against burglary incidents. As a mobile locksmith, it’s your job to learn and be knowledgeable about the latest lock technologies that are out in the market so that you’ll be able to provide the right services that you client might need or ask from you.

2. Decide on how far you want to go in this industry. Even with just an initial investment of a hundred dollars, you can already start out your mobile locksmith business in Singapore and perform small jobs, such as unlocking jammed doors for people. But if you want to, you can also expand your business to provide other locksmith services, including installing security systems or locks not just for homeowners but for corporations as well. Apart from that, you can also try offering lock repair and maintenance.

Doing these services will mean more profit for your locksmith Singapore business. You can start out your business as a small and do few side jobs or build it and much more. The decision on what you’re going to do with your business and how you’ll make it prosper really relies on you.

3. Invest in a good work vehicle. Since you’re planning to have a mobile locksmith business, then it would a great idea to invest in getting a van, since it’s the most suitable work vehicle for businesses, especially in the mobile locksmith industry. With this vehicle you can easily travel in the different areas of Singapore and carry all the tools that you need with you. Since vans are more spacious compared to other vehicles, you can also save some spot in it to serve as your little workspace when you need to do perform some on-the-spot jobs without having the need to return to your home office.

4. Market the services that you’re offering. Just like other businesses, a great deal of competition is also present in the mobile locksmith industry. With that being said, it’s important that you’re both creative and aggressive in terms of marketing your locksmith business. Some of the good ways to get good publicity – if you have extra bucks to spare – is to advertise in local phonebooks, newspapers and anywhere else where your potential clients can see your name, phone number and the services that you’re offering clearly.

5. Be available especially on important times. A handful of people always experience being locked out both in their homes and cars during day and nighttime, and that’s when they’ll be needing Singapore lock master services the most. So in order to be always on top of your competition, you must be willing to be serve your clients at all time, because if you can’t attend to their needs then they will just simply go to the next locksmith on their list.

Additional Tips:

• Look professional. Having a professional appearance is important even in the locksmith industry. A locksmith that appears before his client looking clean and professional have more chances of building confidence and doing a repeat business with his client than one who shows up with a pair of ripped jeans and shirt.

• Work with an experienced locksmith. Taking locksmith courses is good but having a hands-on experience is a lot better. Look for an experienced locksmith and try working hand-in-hand with him before or even as you start your business. Find a locksmith from another area in Singapore or someone who is already about to retire so that they will not end up being one of your competitors.

Starting a mobile locksmith business is quite easy as long as you’re knowledgeable about what you’re doing and you’re willing to serve your clients wholeheartedly, then you’ll definitely succeed with your venture in this business. So to those who are planning to get into the mobile locksmith industry, just follow these tips and you can already start getting your locksmith business rolling in the road.

Your Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

So, you have finally decided to pop the question—congratulations! And you have decided that instead of shopping together, the most surprising and romantic way to do this is to buy her engagement ring by yourself. However, it’s not going to be easy as it sounds.

Chances are, before you decided to start shopping for an engagement ring, in your eyes, all rings looked pretty much the same: a shiny stone seated on a metal band that’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. And if you do a bit of research, you will find out that even if they all look the same you have a quadrillion of options to choose from—and a sea of information for a customised engagement ring from Singapore that you need to consider for every aspect of the shopping process.

That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide on shopping for your customized wedding ring, with only the most useful information you need to know.

Prepare to Shop

It’s not just a myth. Girls can really spend hours and hours talking about their dream engagement ring. Before you start ring shopping, educate yourself about the keywords for cut and style by talking to your mom and trusted friends. Just make sure this won’t get to your girlfriend, or you’re going to blow the surprise.

You will also want to begin by knowing the size of your girl’s finger. If you can borrow a ring from her jewellery stash, that would be great. But if you think she’ll notice any disappearing jewellery, just use a paper and a pencil to trace the inside of her ring, and bring that instead. Alternatively, you can also slip one of her rings into your finger and use a marker to mark how far the ring slides.

Go For the Classics

When it comes to your engagement ring and wedding ring, it’s safer to stick with the classics: a diamond stone in a plain silver, platinum, or gold band. Your best references are the rings you have seen on your mother, grandmother, and on your girlfriend’s friends. Skip the tests and surveys you see in magazines that claims to determine whether she’s a ‘traditional plain band girl’ or a ‘modern studded band woman.’

Remember, she will be wearing that ring for the rest of her life. Give her something solid, sturdy, and will stand the test of time – just like the love you have for her.

Forget About Third Party Advices

It’s okay to ask for advice, but don’t let other people’s opinions influence you too much. Whether you’re shopping for a proposal ring or customised wedding bands, keep in mind that these things symbolize your love for your partner, not for your parents. This is a project you owe to your partner, not to your family or to your best friend since kindergarten. This is a major investment so make sure you research well and that you trust your gut feeling when it comes to shopping for a ring that your partner will love. After all, it’s you who’s supposed to know your partner best. Just observe and take hints from her style and preferences.

Never Buy Fake

It could be horrendously tempting. You might have seen Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia stones, and think that these stones are a catch—you can give her the massive rock she dreams of and still be able to save yourself hundreds of dollars. Do not fall into this trap. For the rest of your life, you will have that constant feeling of guilt and fear that she will find it out. If and when that happens, imagine how shameful would that be and how will she feel.

Besides, if the proposal ring is a symbol of the love you have for her, do you really want that symbol to be a fake? If you can’t afford a diamond, at least consider a different gemstone, perhaps her birthstone.

Have It as a Semi-Surprise

If you want to surprise your future fiancé with a customized wedding ring that you have bought from Singapore’s when you pop the big question but want to skip the hassle of determining the right size and style of proposal ring, consider buying a lose stone and having it set in a temporary band.

Once you’re engaged, you can have the stone re-set into a band of her choice. Some jewellery shops in Singapore lets you set your purchased stone in a temporary band and then return it after 60 days to have the stone re-set.

Insure It

You can buy insurance for the wedding ring as an extension to your homeowners insurance, or straight from a special jewellery insurer in Singapore. But before purchasing one, know first how your insurer will replace the ring. Some reimburse you with cash, while others let you purchase a new ring through a specific jewellery shop.

No Need to Break the Bank

By now, you’ve probably already heard that men should spend three months’ worth of salary on an engagement ring. Unfortunately, that rule has made a lot of men put customised wedding bands on credit cards. While you would of course want a ring that your girlfriend will love, know that you don’t have to put yourself in serious debt. Keep in mind that one of the major reasons of annulment and divorce in the world is related to money problems, particularly debt, and for sure you don’t want to take that route at the start of your life together, right?

Buying an engagement ring may not be easy, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. If you know your partner very well and you find a good jeweller to work with, ring shopping could be a pleasant experience as well.

What Should You Look for in Commercial Laundry Services?

With so many choices when it comes to commercial laundry services, how do you know you have found the right one? Here are pointers to remember when looking for the right laundry pick up or laundry delivery, wash and fold, and dry cleaning laundry services in Singapore.

Considerations for a Laundry Service

Professional commercial laundry services are not only useful for busy households, but it’s also a practical option for commercial businesses in Singapore. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable laundry service that will meet all your needs. Look for the following requirements in a commercial laundry services shop:

1. Professional Equipment – Not only should a laundry delivery and laundry pick up service in Singapore like laundry first dry cleaning be able to handle demands for washable items, but they should also have the right equipment for dry cleaning, steaming, pressing, ironing, mending, and folding clothes. Most modern washers used in commercial laundry services nowadays are safer, efficient, and sustainable, that is why you should pick only the laundry service shops that use fewer resources and safe chemicals that will not be harmful to the environment.

2. Excellent Customer Service – The laundry service staff should be friendly and ready to answer your questions. After all, you’re entrusting your personal items to them, so they must be reliable and knowledgeable about their tasks. If you own a business, make sure that they can handle the professional demands of your business for hygiene, quality, and timeliness of their services. They should also provide a clear list of their services and prices, so that there are no surprise charges later.

3. Variety of Laundry Services – Most laundry service customers are too busy to do their own laundry, which is why the commercial laundry services in Singapore should offer a variety of services for both individual customers and businesses. The services should include standard wash and fold, dry cleaning, spot-treatment, steam-cleaning, uniform laundry, pressing or ironing, laundry for spa, and laundry delivery. They should also be willing to tailor services according to your needs, especially if it’s a hotel or restaurant business. A 24 hour laundry like in Singapore is also ideal for these types of businesses, so you will never have to worry about interruptions in your daily operations.

4. Reliability and Guarantee of Service – Don’t hesitate to look at reviews online of the commercial laundry services shop, especially from first-time customers. If you own a business, you should ask for recommendations from your colleagues about the types of laundry service offered. A reliable laundry shop should also offer guarantees of quality of their services in case the items are lost or damaged during the cleaning process.

5. Certificates and Permits – Lastly, look for permits and certifications associated with a commercial laundry business in Singapore. The shop must adhere to the strict requirements of the handling and disposal of detergents and dry cleaning solvents. If the commercial laundry service offers services for restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, you should look for hygiene certifications that will ensure you’re getting clean and disinfected items.

What is Brand Equity and How Does it Work

Applying for trademark registration is a great way to not just protect your intellectual property as well as protect your brand, but also to increase its value over time. This increase is not just because of the trademark itself, but also because of the consumers’ change in perception of the brand.

After applying to register trademark for your brand name, you may then notice that you have “equity” associated with your brand. Chances are that if you’ve been in the business long enough, you may have encountered this term a few times in the business world and in marketing. But what exactly is it? How does it work, and how can it impact your business?

What is Brand Equity?

Brand equity is a set of assets and liabilities linked to the symbol. There are two different aspects linked with the brand: tangible and intangible. On the one hand, the former refers to the actual physical value of the brand in terms of the company’s assets, income, equipment, etc.

In contrast, the latter refers to the consumers’ perspective, based on their attitudes and emotions towards the positive attributes and the favorable consequences of using the said brand. How consumers feel about the product is crucial to the brand’s overall value. That is why it pays a lot to be smart with the brand name you want to register with brand mark in Singapore so you won’t be wasting money on a poorly thought name.

When put together, both tangible and intangible aspects of value can positively or negatively impact a business, its services, and even its bottom-line derived from consumers’ knowledge and experience with the brand.

Equity is what you should be looking out for, whether it comes to buying into or starting your own franchise or starting your own business in general to make it marketable to a larger consumer audience.

How Brand Equity Works

Brand equity is made up of three components, which are customer perception, effects (either negative or positive), and the resulting value.

The most important factor that determines the equity of a particular brand is customer perception, which includes both their knowledge and experience in their encounter with the brand and its products and services.

You can see the negative effect at play whenever you see consumers choosing generic products over the branded ones. Other instances when you see this effect happening is when companies have major product recalls due to health concerns or manufacturing defects, or when their practices cause significant environmental disasters featured on major news outlets.

For the positive effect, look into when brands decide to expand their product line by adding new products or services. Brands with a positive equity will generally want to keep new products within the existing line rather than create a new brand entirely as a safe option in order to boost sales.

Building Brand Equity

Increasing your brand equity is almost assured with trademark registration. However, before applying to register trademark for your brand, you need to start building up your brand by focusing on the consumers’ experience and the quality of the products and services themselves.

The process of building brand equity usually comes in five parts:

• Awareness – The first step is accomplished by advertising the product to its target audience in a way that potential consumers will notice it.

• Recognition – Consumers that see the product in advertisements will recognize it when they see it sold in a store.

• Trial – Once consumers see the product, the brand, and what it stands for, they will be inclined to try it.

• Preference – If the consumers like the product endorsed by the brand, they will be likely to buy it again, sometimes more than once.

• Loyalty – The last step to building brand equity is with an established following of loyal consumers that have formed an emotional connection to the brand and see it positively.

Trademarking to Brand Equity

Trademark registration in Singapore is now easier than ever, which is all the more incentive for you to register TM for your brand. The process essentially boils down to these steps:

1. Application – To register, application must include your name and address, a clear representation of your registered mark, a complete list of goods and services in relation to the product and/or service you wish to trademark, and a declaration of your intent to use the trademark.

2. Examination – Your application will then be examined to check if the mark is registrable. If it is acceptable, it will be published. If your application is deemed objectionable, you will receive a report containing the grounds for refusal from the organization where you filed your application, like from Singapore so you will be informed accordingly.

During this time, owners of prior existing intellectual properties can file for an objection. In the event of an objection for your application to register trademark, you will be notified.

3. Publication – If application is approved, it will be published in the Trade Marks Journal for scrutiny. During this time, competitors or owners of prior existing intellectual properties can file for an objection. In the event that there is an objection for your wanting to register trademark, for your brand, you will be notified.

4. Issuance of Certificate – If you don’t receive an objection two months after your application is published in the journal, you will be issued a certificate by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, giving you exclusive rights to use and exploit the brand name.

The protection offered by your registered mark lasts for ten years from the date of the application, but can be renewed indefinitely as long as you use it.

The road to developing positive equity for your brand doesn’t stop here. Infringement doesn’t automatically go away even after your trademark has been added to the existing database, as there will always be companies that will infringe on others’ – yours included – brand and trademark.

A well- recognized and respected brand is an asset every company wants to keep. As a business owner yourself, protecting your brand should include setting clear standards for how the brand is and should used and communicated, both from within and without.

What to Look for When Renting an Apartment, House or Villa in Ho Chi Minh City

Remember these pointers when looking for an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

1. Accessibility to Shops. If you are planning to rent apartment in Saigon, specifically in the busiest section of one of the districts, you should anticipate a higher rental fee. But renting an apartment at the quieter neighborhoods should still give you access to shops and markets for your needs.

2. Nearby Schools and Universities. If you’re bringing your entire family, find an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City that is located near schools and universities. If the rental fee is too high for you, look for a villa rental that is accessible for commuting.

3. Number of Rooms and Floor Layout. The number of rooms when you rent apartment in Saigon will also affect the rental fee charged by Vietnam Best Rent so ask the landlord if it’s possible to change the layout (adding or removing walls to create or expand a room) or if you can get another unit. If you’re planning to rent a studio apartment, you should at least determine if the layout of the room will allow you to perform your tasks easily. Will your furniture fit? Do you have enough space for your kitchen and dining area?

4. Facilities and Parking Space. Never agree to a contract if you cannot inspect the apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. You should be given a chance to tour the area and inspect the facilities in the unit. If you have a car, you should never forget to ask about the parking areas and if it’s included in the contract or is an added expense. Inspect the parking space to make sure that it is secure and accessible.

5. Amusement and Relaxation Spots. As one of the fastest growing cities in Vietnam, you should look for apartments or condominiums in the city that will give you access to shops, restaurants, and other amusement and relaxation spots. If you pick a location that’s within the center of the district, however, you should anticipate that it would be more expensive to rent apartment at HCMC.

6. Tolerable Neighbors. Observe the neighborhood when you’re doing an inspection. Better yet, you should interview them for a few minutes to ask about the landlord, the maintenance of the apartment complex or condominium, and common problems they encounter. If you do pick that unit, you will at least see familiar faces when you move in.

7. Transportation. If you plan to rent a house in district 3, make sure that it is accessible when you need to go to work. Take some time to look for the nearest shops, schools, hospitals, and restaurant in the area, then ask the locals about how to get to these buildings. If the place is inaccessible or is in a remote part of the district, the rent should be cheaper than accessible a rent apartment at HCMC.

8. Pet Policy. There are opportunities to rent apartment at HCMC that allows for pets, so if you need to bring your dog or cat, make sure that you discuss this with the landlord to avoid surprises. Remember to take note of the rules about raising pets and to ask the neighbors about their experience. This should also be included in the contract when you rent a house.

9. Landlord Impression. If you find it difficult to ask for details about a condominium rental in district 1, you should probably look for a vacancy elsewhere. If a landlord cares for his/her apartment for rent in Ho Chi Min City, then he/she should leave opportunities for applicants to contact him/her. Response should be timely and polite, especially if you want to discuss the condition of the villa rental or condo. The landlord’s communication skills before any contract can be even made is a good indicator of how he/she will respond to complaints and maintenance requests in the future.

10. Rate and Method of Payment. Any reputable villa rental or rent a house contract in Vietnam should base their rates on the average rental fee in the neighborhood. But what if you want a cheap Saigon apartment rental contract? Sure, you can go for that, but you should be aware that it could probably be a scam or the promised apartment is different from what was shown in the photos. It also goes without saying that you should stay away from a landlord who asks right away for payment even without a contract. Check out in Vietnam for reliable property brokerage and legit properties for sale and for rent in Saigon.

11. Proper Maintenance. When looking for an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City, make sure that the unit justifies the rate. Sure, there are high-end Saigon apartment rental opportunities that offer the best facilities, but that does not mean you should settle for a poorly-maintained unit because it’s cheap. Look for out of order signs and ongoing renovations when you inspect an apartment for rent in district 2 for example, or you can ask the neighbors about the maintenance requests that have not been fulfilled.

12. Tenant Screening. If you’re looking for a cheap Saigon apartment rental, you should be wary of landlords who do not screen their applicants effectively. But wouldn’t a strict landlord just make the application more difficult? If you have your documents and identification in order, this should not be an issue with a credible landlord. If the requirements are too easy to fulfill, then you might be looking at a scam or questionable rent a house contract. Most likely the apartment is in a bad condition, too.

13. Clear Rental Contract. You should at least know the average rent in the neighborhood, the eviction laws, and the terms in the contract. Read and ask questions before signing to avoid regretting the decision later. You should also look for blank spaces in the contract pertaining to the method of payment, the asking rent and other expenses that you will shoulder, and other related information. If possible, there should be a breakdown of the items you’re supposed to pay, violations of the contract, and provisions for late payments.

10 Qualities to Look for in a Freight Forwarder

Does your business need a freight forwarding services company to import and/or export goods? Looking for a quality freight forwarder who will help you find the best shipping company or logistics services in Singapore is easy if you remember these ten characteristics of a good freight broker.

1. Freight Forwarder has a Broker License

If the freight forwarding company assigns a freight broker to assist you, make sure to check if he/she has a license. This is important not just in local freight, but most especially in international freight, where the broker is required to be well-versed and authorized in carrying out your negotiations and transactions for you. During the duration of the shipment, the freight broker will be acting as your liaison when negotiating with the carriers, shipping company or logistics company, customs, and other parties. In Singapore, the importer, exporter, freight forwarder company, freight broker, common carrier, shipping agent, air cargo agent, and other related professions should have a license to operate.

2. Can Negotiate for Different or Multiple Modes

Regardless of the destination of the cargo, your freight forwarding in Singapore must include different carrier services options such as trucking or land freight, air freight, and ocean or sea freight. If the freight forwarder also has connections with warehousing companies, then it’s a good sign that the company has connections with various logistics services and shipping company. The freight forwarder should also offer additional transportation options besides air freight and sea freight to get your cargo to its destination as soon as possible with the following options: rail, van, flatbeds, reefers, and logistics management.

3. Efficient Logistics Services Selection

If they can offer you multiple carrier modes other than land freight, sea freight, and air freight, you should also examine how they go about their carrier selection process. They should be thorough when verifying information such as safety, coverage, and insurance when selecting the best logistics company responsible for the transportation of cargo.
They should also have a contract with the selected shipping company as a guarantee of their quality service.

4. Effective Management and Communication

Good customer service should always be a priority when looking for partners in business, especially when you must trust them to deliver your goods on time and in good condition. The best freight forwarder in Singapore should be more than willing to answer your questions and help you find the best logistics services for local freight and international freight. If they pay attention to your needs as a client, then they are also more likely to exhibit the same dedication and attention to detail when it comes to freight forwarding.

5. Good Credit Background

It’s important to make sure that the freight forwarding company is financially stable, because you don’t want to end up shouldering the burden of payments or delay of cargo transportation because the freight forwarder was not able to pay the carrier. Any delays can cause you additional charges such as detention and demurrage, and that’s on top of being late for the promised delivery to the consignee.

6. Freight Forwarder Has a Lot of Experience

If the freight forwarding services company has been in business in Singapore for years, it’s a good indication that they already encountered most of the challenges in the transportation of cargo. Starting a freight forwarder business is notoriously difficult, especially when it comes to international freight because there are a lot of issues involved such as the rerouting of cargo, shutdown of ports, warehousing problems, and many more. Look for a company that has been around for years, because they have more experience with a lot of problems involved in both local freight and international freight.

7. Freight Broker Carries Cargo Insurance

Choose a freight forwarder that includes cargo insurance in their contract, which is different from the cargo insurance between the freight forwarder and the shipping company. This will ensure that both the freight broker and the carrier will shoulder the liability if something unfortunate happens during the transportation of the cargo. Look for the claims procedure on the contract and the amount covered by the insurance. Don’t forget to also look for the omissions and errors insurance, which is different from the insurance coverage that only includes the loss or damage of cargo.

8. Freight Forwarder Has a Network of Partners and Agents

Not only should the freight broker assigned to you by the freight forwarder have a license, but he/she should also have a lot of connections from various logistics services companies, some of the leading shipping company, and trucking services. Pick a freight forwarding company here in Singapore like that has connections to different parts of the world. Their partners will not only allow for a smooth and easy transportation of goods, but they logistics company will also have other options that can benefit you.

9. Freight Forwarder Guarantees Carrier Compliance

The carriers or the logistics company that will be responsible for the actual transportation of goods should also have compliance and license to operate. You can ask for the information from your freight broker and their process of qualifying and selecting their carriers. Stay away from double brokering freight forwarders in Singapore as much as possible, because you might end up with a questionable carrier.

10. Good Reviews and Reputation

Lastly, don’t forget to read the reviews of previous and existing clients of the freight forwarder. Their feedback will help you narrow down your list of possible freight forwarders in Singapore, especially if you have special requests and they offer services for the same type of cargo you intend to import or export.

How Do You Distinguish a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, and a Psychotherapist?

If you are planning to undergo either a medical treatment or a series of counselling sessions, it’s important that you know how to distinguish between two specialists who help people with psychological and mental illnesses. Where do you go for a marriage counselling if you and your spouse are having problems? And how do you know who turn to if your child needs a child psychologist?

Let’s look at the different responsibilities of a psychiatrist, psychologist, and psychotherapist.


A psychiatrist in Singapore is classified as a medical doctor because they also train in general practices related to medicine. In other words, a psychiatrist is a medical specialist who is trained to observe distressing conditions based on a set of diagnostic tools. They will need to find out the cause behind the medical condition and to find the best ways to address them. For example, before confirming that the patient has a depression, they will need to conduct various tests to rule out other possible health conditions that might be causing the symptoms.

In most cases, the psychiatrist will work with patients who have severe mental disorders because they will require medical treatment other than counselling. Remember that only a psychiatrist can prescribe medications, not a psychologist, during your treatment. In short, a psychiatrist is concerned with addressing the chemical imbalance that cause mental and emotional distress.

Most psychiatrists will rely on medication and counselling as part of the treatment, because they are concerned with the physiological mechanisms of the emotional and mental illnesses. Most patients with severe mental and emotional problems are referred to a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist, especially if the physiological manifestations are affecting the quality of life of the person.

A psychiatrist might refer the patient to a licensed psychologist if it is deemed necessary. It is not unusual for both specialists to work in tandem when treating the behavioral and clinical symptoms in a patient, especially if the patient has relationship problems that contribute to the illness. In such cases, the psychiatrist or child psychologist in Singapore will recommend a marriage counselling or a relationship counselling.


A clinical psychologist has a degree in psychology, but also has experience and training in healthcare and clinical settings. They focus on specific psychological therapy models, specifically studying the psychological mechanisms of the state of a person’s mind, instead of the physiological mechanisms which are the focus of the psychiatrists. In short, the psychologist is concerned with the feelings, thoughts and the mental health of the patient. Their focus of study includes personality development, psychological research, and the history of psychological problems.

This means that you might be referred to a recommended psychologist in Singapore if your problems can best be addressed with a specific psychological therapy. They are also further trained with the different methods of treatment, psychological theory, behavioral therapy, problem-solving techniques, and analytical testing. However, a psychologist or any specialist in the psychology center without a training in medicine such a psychiatrist cannot prescribe medications for you. Psychologists, like psychiatrists, also work with a different range of problems and will perform either one-on-one or group therapy sessions during your treatment.

The best psychologist like those at in Singapore are also trained and certified professionals who can conduct psychological testing to help determine the type of psychotherapy to treat any mental and emotional distress. For example, if your initial diagnosis is depression, the psychologist will track your eating patterns, sleep problems, recurring negative thoughts, and general mental well-being before confirming the diagnosis.

Make sure that you talk to a licensed psychologist at a psychology center in Singapore. The psychologist might also refer the patient to a psychiatrist if it is determined that the person also needs medical treatment of the physiological symptoms.


A psychotherapist may be a psychiatrist or a psychologist in training and foundation, but there are psychotherapists who do not have any training in both fields. That is because psychotherapy requires a different set of training skills from the other two specialists. Their specialty will depend on the psychotherapeutic approaches they want to focus on, most of which specialize on specific cognitive, behavioral, and mental problems. For example, a child psychologist in Singapore may be trained in a specific psychotherapeutic approach to help children in dealing with traumatic experiences, or a relationship counselling expert might also use a specific approach for victims of domestic abuse. The counselling may be done one-on-one or with a group of people with similar problems as part of the psychoanalytic therapy.

Your general physician in Singapore might refer you to a psychotherapist if he/she determined that you need psychological instead of medical treatment. However, it is also possible for a psychotherapist if he/she has a degree in medicine to prescribe medication while you’re undergoing counselling. Psychotherapy is grouped into five major categories such as the following: behavior therapy, psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies, humanistic therapy, cognitive therapy, and holistic or integrative therapy.

Behavior therapy focuses on the role of learning when it comes to behavior, while psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies focus on the unconscious motivations and meaning to address problems in feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Humanistic therapy helps people approach problems through rational decision-making, while cognitive therapy focuses on people’s thoughts instead of the actions. Holistic therapy uses any of the mentioned approaches during the treatment.

Which Specialist Do You Need?

But how do you know if you are approaching the right specialist to help you with your problem? Generally, patients are advised to talk to a general physician first because they have the expertise to determine which specialist you should approach. The physician will recommend a patient to a psychiatrist for example, if the person has severe mental health issues such as schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and others.

You will be recommended to a psychologist if the physician thinks your mental health problem will not need medication or if the patient does not want to take any medication. Most psychologists are psychotherapists who specialize in talk therapy, a type of collaborative treatment such as relationship counselling and marriage counselling.

5 Common Methods to Make Your Home Pest-Free

Do you find yourself locked in a constant struggle to get rid of cockroaches or are you in a losing battle to exterminate rodents that seem to always find ways to evade your traps? Pest control management can help you come up with fast and safe solutions through a thorough assessment of the problem. However, if you are hesitant about the methods used by pest control services, remember that the pest control management company uses not just one but a variety of methods to terminate pest.


Pesticides make from chemicals that target specific pests can be used to get rid of cockroaches, bugs, flies, and to eliminate termites. Your pest control services from Singapore might spray specially-formulated chemicals in your home to control the number of pests. Although this is the most common and fastest method to eliminate pest, it also comes with its own problems. Some pests could develop resistance to the chemicals and beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies could be affected.


Small mammals such as rodents can be eliminated by setting traps such as live, snap, electronic, ultrasonic, and glue traps. This method, however, can only exterminate rodents if the pest infestation isn’t significant. Trapping also works with insects by baiting them and using natural traps. To eliminate flies for example, the pest control management team will use bottle traps and vinegar and dish soap traps besides the usual fly traps.

Natural Products

If pesticides are not a viable option for your family, ask the pest control services for natural alternatives made from safer sources. These natural pesticides are also effective because they target specific pests, but they do not harm other species. For some bugs, many pest control services will likely encourage you to use bug repellent natural products that act like poison to the pests.

Space Fumigation

This is a common method to terminate several pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, and ants in all life stages. However, it can also be complicated if done in an apartment complex because the area needs to be sealed or covered before the gas can be used. To be effective, the gas must be trapped in the space for at least 24 hours. The treatment can also last for several sessions if the space needs to be treated with other pest products.


Baits can be used to attract pests and eliminate them. To get rid of cockroaches for example, a poisoned food is placed in areas near hiding places until their numbers are significantly lowered. Cockroach bait such as gels and boric acid can also be used, but these are not recommended if you have children and pets at home. Termite colonies can also be baited using wet cardboard, while bait stations with rodenticides are also known to be effective when you need to exterminate rodents.

Pest control services from Singapore like may recommend doing any or a combination of these methods to help maintain a pest-free home after the treatment, so make sure to follow through.

12 Electrical Problems You Should Watch Out For

Problems with your home’s electrical works potentially lead to bigger problems that can place the entire family in danger. While some minor problems can be solved without having to call a licensed electrician in Singapore, other issues need the expertise of a professional electrician.

1. Flickering Lights

If you just replaced a faulty light in your home but there are still no improvement, the problem could be more serious than just a used up light fixture. Flickering lights might just be one of the signs, but the appliances are also affected by problems in your home’s electrical works. For example, watch out for dimming lights in the refrigerator, the air conditioner, or other appliances with lights whenever you turn on another electrical appliance. A licensed electrician from Singapore will be looking for such signs when doing the inspection before any repair can commence.

2. Electrical Circuit Breaker Trips

Is your circuit breaker tripping more often lately? Maybe it cannot handle the wattage that you require and needs to be upgraded to meet your demands. Before moving into a new apartment, ask an electrician to inspect the circuit breaker to determine if it can handle all your energy needs.

3. Few Electrical Outlets

Do you use a lot of power strips at home, creating tangles of cables on the floor and walls? You might set the house on fire if you continue such practice. The best solution is to hire a good electrician in Singapore who will determine how many outlets you can have installed so that you do not work your electrical system beyond its capacity. If it is an old home, for example, there’s a good chance your electrical system is already harbouring some risky problems. A thorough inspection by a professional electrician will solve this problem.

4. Plugs Are Not Grounded

Perhaps it is time to call a licensed electrician to inspect your plugs to determine if they are grounded properly. Modern homes nowadays should have outlets that will accept three-prong plugs that are grounded. The electrician should be able to install a new grounded plug to make sure your home safe for your family.

5. Old Wire Insulation

Old homes need to be inspected by an electrician before being moved in to determine if there are problems that have been overlooked by the previous owner or the apartment manager. For example, some old wires may need to be replaced if their insulation has been worn out, because you could get electrocuted if you are not careful. Replacing old, worn-out wires is cheaper than hospital bills and structure renovations.

6. Warm Switches and Outlets

If you notice any electrical switches, plugs, and other nearby surfaces are warm to the touch, do not use these anymore as it indicates that they need to be replaced or upgraded because its circuit has reached its capacity. This problem is common in old homes that have not been inspected by an electrician for years. If it is a home built with aluminum electrical wiring for example, a regular check by an electrician services company is needed to ensure its safety.

7. Rusty Service Panel

If you notice that the service panel is slowly rusting over, it indicates a serious problem that needs immediate attention from a licensed electrician in Singapore. Its deterioration could cause problems with the wiring inside and might also affect the rest of the electrical works at home. Perhaps it is time to upgrade and replace some of the wirings and connections because they are worn out and old. Homes that are older than twenty-five years need to be up-to-date with the standards in electrical works.

8. Expensive Electrical Bills

Changes in your electrical bills could indicate a problem in your electrical works that you might have not noticed. Perhaps the problem could be that you are not using energy efficiently at home, but if you cannot determine the source of the problem, you should call an electrician to pinpoint the cause. Maybe your old appliances need to be replaced or your electrical wiring must be upgraded to be energy-efficient.

9. Exposed Wires

Exposed wires are fire hazards that should not be ignored even if your electrical works seem to be working fine. If you have just renovated or repaired your home, make sure that you consult a licensed electrician in Singapore to inspect any damage to the electrical wiring. Exposed wires should be spliced, covered, or attached to your home’s structural framing properly.

10. Odor from Receptacle or Switch

Your switch and plugs should not emit any odor because it could start a fire. Stop using the plug or switch, then call a professional electrician in Singapore like to find the source of the smell and attend to any electrical problems that could be causing the odor. The switch or receptacle might also have to be replaced if it is defective.

11. Receptacles Won’t Hold

If you have just moved into a new apartment in Singapore, you need to make sure that there are no problems in the outlets, lights, and switches. Old units for example, need upgrading after a thorough inspection. Observe if the insulation in the wires come off every time you plug or unplug a switch. Do the plugs’ receptacles hold if you plug in an electrical appliance? Are there bits of rubber on the switch covers? The wires should be replaced by a licensed technician to keep the home same for your family.

12. Too Many Appliances

Maybe you do not have problems in your home’s electrical wirings, plugs, and switches but you are using more energy than your circuit panel can handle. Hire an electrician to inspect the outlets and circuit panel to determine the best possible solution.

You should only trust a licensed electrician in Singapore to address these problems, especially in older homes that might have more problems that you have overlooked. The best electrician services companies will be able not just to solve these problems, but will also make the home safer by keeping up with the updated electrical standards and demands.

The 8 Roles of a Property Manager

Are you planning to hire a managing agent in Singapore for your real estate properties? Knowing what the responsibilities are in property management can help you maximize your returns for such an investment. Estate maintenance cover four areas of responsibility to keep the business running; these are administration, marketing and finances, tenancy, and facilities. These responsibilities are further divided into the following eight tasks.

1. Property Maintenance

Estate maintenance involves the responsibility of keeping the facilities in good condition with regular inspection, troubleshooting, and minor repairs. However, if you own other businesses or you cannot supervise your properties, the upkeep of the facilities can be a stressful task.

Hiring a property management at Singapore will ensure that your properties get regular servicing from trusted contractors to avoid major repairs that will cost more money. They will also have connections with contractors in Singapore in case the property needs repairs or renovations. The condo manager will make sure that all the repairs and other projects are finished on schedule to avoid interruptions in the daily operations.

2. Employee Supervision

The managing agent assigned by the property management office can act as your representative when hiring, training, and supervising your in-house employees. They can perform the background checks and interviews on your behalf to make sure that you will only hire the best workers. You can also delegate the task of handling the salaries and the right to fire an employee. Instead of talking to you directly in case there are any concerns, the employees can speak to the property manager instead and make the reports to you later.

3. Tenant Management

Besides making sure that your apartment units have shorter vacancy cycles and finding long-term lease contracts, the tenant condo manager can also check all applicants and manage the existing tenants to make sure there are no problems. The property management team has all the resources and knowledge in handling different customers and the means to screen the applicants for credit records, criminal records, tenancy history, and other related information.

They can also provide a buffer between you and your tenants if they are given the responsibility of enforcing lease agreements and evicting troublesome tenants. The property manager is the authorized point of contact for all your tenants, so that there will always be one person who can deal with complaints, questions about the leases, vacancy notices, emergencies, and evictions.

4. Leasing Contract

An estate maintenance agent is not only skilled in customer service but is also an expert in real estate. This means that they will have more resources to help you come up with fair lease contracts that will be attractive to prospective tenants but will also bring in more profits for you. They can also come up with marketing and advertising strategies in case you have vacancies.

Most landlords/landladies fail to take into consideration the fair price of the monthly rent because they do not have the experience and training, but a managing agent can come up with solutions based on the average rates in the area, the trends in real estate, and estimating the value of each unit.

5. Rental Collection

One the major responsibilities of estate management is to make sure that the rents are collected on time. However, there will be tenants who will have problems with the rent, a task that some landlords don’t have the ability to deal with fairly. If collecting rent is stressful for you, a managing agent can act as your representative to collect and adjust rents. Not only are they equipped with good communication skills, they are also experts in renting costs and market value to attract more tenants. It will also spare you from having to deal with problematic tenants yourself, so that you can focus on other things.

6. Financial Reporting

As the responsible party for rent collection, the property management team will also help you in managing the finances related to your properties. This will ensure that your properties will always have a higher value in the market as well as keep up the maintenance and repair costs. Your condo estate manager can help you compute the deductions for taxes, daily expenses, monthly bills, and the salaries of your in-house employees. The reports will tell you if your business is doing good or if it needs improvement in specific areas.

7. Additional Paperwork

Besides managing your tenants, employees, and financial reports, the managing agent is also your go-to expert if there are paperwork and budget reports that need to be completed. If you set a monthly budget for the maintenance and upkeep of your real estate, the property management team must make sure that the money is used honestly and judiciously by keeping records. If there are any areas in property management that you are not familiar with, such as taxes, leasing contracts, and laws related to real estate, the estate manager can help you deal with these problems.

8. Risk Management

Estate maintenance means that record-keeping must be meticulous to avoid liabilities. It is a sensitive task because it deals with making money on behalf of a landlord as well as dealing with tenants through an agreed lease contract. The goal is to make the interests of these two parties meet, so that both are happy and satisfied with the relationship. The managing agent must be skilled when it comes to risk management when handling the budget, receipt of payments, management of funds, paying monthly expenses, and even looking for contractors in Singapore to complete projects and repairs.

Going Green: How to Optimize Your Aircon Usage

While Singapore tends to be a hot and humid country, none of this should deter you from living an eco-friendly life. Here are a few tips to help you beat the heat while minimizing the cost to your budget, and the environment.

1. Ensure air flow

One of the things that people often ignore when installing aircon units is the air flow in a room. Simply put, aircon units need good airflow for it to optimally cool down a room. For it to do this, make sure that there aren’t any objects that are directly in front of your unit. Also note the items inside your room. Make sure that there aren’t objects that are directly in front of your unit.

You could do other things to make sure that your room is well ventilated. For example, you may choose to close the windows in the afternoon to stop the heat from getting in, and open it up again in the evenings when the temperatures outside are cooler. You could also invest in energy-efficient window coverings or curtains that won’t let the heat in. You could also choose to tint your windows, which can help you keep sunlight out. Call a cheap aircon servicing from Singapore to help you check whether your home has optimal airflow for your aircon function efficiently.

Another thing that you could do to ensure ventilation is using a fan. Fans do not have a large energy consumption and can help move the air around in a room. With a fan, your aircon unit does not have to work as hard to cool an entire room.

2. Optimize your thermostat

Since most aircon units are often designed to change a set temperature, one of the most important aspects of your aircon is its ability to determine the temperature in a room. To optimize your thermostat, you should make sure that it is in an optimal location. Keep your thermostat away from any objects that produce heat. This can include objects like lamps, or appliances like the back of televisions. Also, make sure that your thermostat isn’t in a location with direct sunlight. Making sure that your thermostat is giving you an accurate reading can help you optimize your aircon usage.

3. Put your aircon in a suitable location

All electronics need to be kept in a suitable environment that is neither too hot or too cold. Otherwise, they would require an excessive amount of power to do its job, causing you to spend more electricity. Keeping your aircon in the shade can help it run more efficiently since it can be kept cool.

Covering your aircon can make sure that it is kept clean and free of foreign debris, but make sure to remove the cover before removing it. Covering the aircon would make it heat faster, causing it to use more electricity.

4. Insulate

Insulate your area to make sure that cold air stays in and hot air stays out. You should put insulation in your attic or ceiling. Also, make sure to pad your walls. There are several wall paddings available in Singapore, and some of them even double as a sound-proof barrier.

Make sure to seal all cracks and openings in your room. Cracks can usually be found around windows and doors. Also, remember to seal ducts. You may seal them yourself using a caulking agent, or contact a utility company.

5. Automate

If you tend to stick to a regular schedule, you could automate the time your aircon should operate. This is especially helpful if the aircon is being used for an establishment.

Try to turn off your aircon unit when you are not in the room. For those who do not want to come home to a hot room, you could simply close all the windows curtains to trap the cold air in. Chances are, the room wouldn’t be too hot when you come back. To really save on your electricity bill, you could turn off your aircon unit in the evenings, and simply open the windows to let the cold air in.

6. Optimize your appliances

One of the things that you should consider are the other things that generate heat inside the airconditioned room. Remember that appliances emit heat, some more than others. Try to limit the number of appliances running, especially those that emit a lot of heat.

Also, remember that light fixtures emit heat. Incandescent light bulbs generate more heat than its modern counterparts. Make sure to turn off any light fixtures that you do not need, and consider switching to more efficient lighting fixtures, such as LED and CFL light bulbs.

7. Contact a professional

Make sure to keep your aircon regularly maintained. You may choose to do the aircon maintenance yourself or have it be done by an aircon expert in Singapore like to guarantee quality maintenance every time. There are many tutorials that could guide you online, should you choose to maintain your own unit. However, you can be sure that your aircon unit gets fixed properly if you contact an aircon servicing provider. There are also a few things that only a licensed aircon servicing provider could do to maintain your aircon unit. Remember to have your unit checked before the summer months to ensure that would not need aircon repair at an inconvenient time.

8. Replace your unit

If all else fails, perhaps your unit is simply outdated. There are a lot of newer, more efficient models on the market available in Singapore that can help you make sure that your area is kept cool, without sacrificing electricity consumption.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

Get Your Own Condominium by the Beach at Kahuna Ho Tram Resort

Ever dreamed of having your own home near the beach? How about a condominium near a golf course and casino? Your dreams are within reach with the ongoing expansion of the Kahuna Ho Tram Resort, which opens its doors for property investment, holiday resort investment, or if you just want to have your own dream villa beside golf course.

Hồ Tràm

The renowned Kahuna Ho Tram Strip is in the Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu Province in Vietnam, just a hundred kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City. The ongoing development of the area will transform Dự án Hồ Tràm into a world-class premier destination for tourists, entertainment and gaming enthusiasts, and adventurers. The sleepy fishing town of Hồ Tràm has been known for the beautiful Vũng Tàu cape, the hot springs and mud baths at Binh Chau, and the impressive 11,000-hectare rainforest reserve.

It’s an ideal place to have your own Vung Tau condo because of its moderate year-round climate, the beautiful beaches, and virgin forests. However, you don’t need to go to the busiest cities in Vietnam for the best facilities and amenities for entertainment and relaxation. Collectively known as the Kahuna Ho Tram, the project includes the Kahuna Ho Tram Strip Beach Club, The Grand, The Bluffs, and the Gallery Villas at Kahuna Ho Tram Strip. Dự án Hồ Tràm will soon rival popular tourist destinations, such as Phuket and Macau, including that of Las Vegas, in its grandeur.

The Beaches

The main attraction of the property investment venture at Kahuna Ho Tram Resort in Vietnam are its beaches and high-end villas. Hồ Tràm is known as the other half of the twin beaches in Vũng Tàu, the other famous beach resort being Ho Coc. Both beaches are known not just for their crystal-clear waters, but also for their wide beachside and clear sands.

Both Hồ Tràm and Ho Coc have been known to the locals and the city excursionists from Ho Chi Minh City, because the beaches are accessible.

Kahuna Ho Tram takes its name from the Hawaiian word for big waves, kahuna; and it surely has been making waves in the Southeast Asian region with its promise of unspoiled beaches, world-class facilities and amenities, and quality service. If you invest in condo, you will not only get a prime view of the beaches, but you will also be living near The Bluffs Golf Course, The Grand, Beach Club, a five-star hotel, and other shops and entertainment outlets.

Things to Do

There are so many things you can enjoy at the Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu region in Vietnam besides enjoying the beautiful beaches. You can visit its famous architectural landmarks, such as the Vũng Tàu Hydrofoil Fast Ferry Station, the statue of Jesus at Nho Mount, and the mansion of the former French governor of Indochina. Vietnam is home to a colorful multicultural people with influences from Vietnamese folklore, Buddhism, Catholicism, and Russian Orthodox. And why not? The region has been known as a trading post in the colonial era and even the name Vũng Tàu comes the word “anchorage,” although its former name used to mean “three boats” or Tam Thắng. It used to be a home for pirates, traders, and an important location for a defense against invaders.
You can also enjoy some of their festivals and holidays, such as the Whale Holiday, the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan, World Food Festival Culture, and Kite Festival.

The Amenities

The Kahuna Ho Tram Condotel offers a unique opportunity for those interested to invest in condo, whether you prefer the beach villa for sale, or the Condotel tower units with a variety of amenities and views. If you are thinking of investing into one of the most excellent properties in Vietnam, check out to know more about Kahuna Ho Tram property investment.

The property investment and holiday resort investment opportunities are divided into three types; the condotel, double key garden villas, and the single key beach front villas.

The condotel is located in a 12-storey tower where investors can pick from among the 130 standard units, 8 penthouses, 14 corner units, 10 ground floor standard units, and 2 ground floor corner units.

Choose from one of the two types of beach villa for sale. The thirty-six double key garden villas each has its own private garden and private pool, and two to three-bedroom units. While the eight single key beach front villas all have two floors, private swimming pools, and three large bedrooms each.

Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment for a Bistro

A bistro is sometimes confused with a café, because the ambiance of both types of restaurants is relaxed and informal. Bistros, like cafes, brasseries, and bars serve a variety of food and beverages, but like all restaurants, the kitchen is the most important part of the business because that’s where food comes to life.

However, not all types of restaurants will need the same commercial kitchen equipment. When opening a bistro in Singapore, make sure that you have an estimate of the expected daily volume and performance and the types of food and beverage on your menu. Consult a kitchen equipment supplier and a kitchen designer in Singapore to make the most out of the kitchen space.

These are the basic and essential commercial kitchen equipment a bistro will need.

• Range: For a bistro, pick a commercial range from a Singapore commercial kitchen equipment supplier that has an open top and griddles, but you could also pick commercial kitchen equipment with a charbroiler, wok, and refrigeration bases depending on your menu. If you pick a heavy-duty range for the bistro the model should include burners, convection oven, and griddle.

• Grill: If your bistro is planning to serve several grilled recipes, you should invest in a commercial grill that’s separate from your range. There is different special commercial kitchen equipment used for grilling that you can purchase at your kitchen equipment supplier, such as the gas, electric, drop-in, induction, teppanyaki, panini, charbroiler, tortilla and press, and towable or outdoor grills.

• Oven: For your commercial oven, you can choose among the following: standard oven for most types of food; convection oven, which uses a different air circulation technique to cook food faster; conveyor oven for pizza and for a high volume of food; cook and hold oven for braising; deck oven for bread and pizza; rotisseries oven for most meat recipes; and salamander broiler for meat like steaks and chops.

• Fryer: A commercial fryer for a bistro should at least be a 40-pound model to meet the demands in the food preparation. Check the fryer’s drainboards, flue, frying area, and fryer battery when purchasing a new unit from your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore.

• Broiler: This commercial kitchen equipment will help your bistro prepare food faster. A broiler is a type of oven, similar to a salamander broiler that is used for recipes with meat and seafood.

• Steamer: The size of the steamer from in Singapore will depend on the number of food you will prepare daily. For large volumes, you might need a compartment floor steamer from your commercial kitchen equipment supplier.

• Steam Kettle: This could be an electric, gas or direct steam kettle. Pick the largest steam kettle you can afford for your bistro.

• Microwave Oven: Even if you have a large oven, you will still need a commercial microwave oven for heating food in a few minutes. High-volume microwave ovens are ideal for large volumes of food, but you can also talk to your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore for stackable models and low-volume models.

• Commercial Refrigerator: The size of the refrigerator will also depend on the volume of food you’re expected to serve daily. For a bistro, you will need a reach-in refrigerator separate from your commercial freezer. If you have a bar, you will also need a countertop or underbar refrigerator.

• Freezer and Cooler: The freezer is used for goods that are temperature-sensitive such as meat and seafood. Walk-in cooler or central coolers might be ideal for a bistro in Singapore that serves a variety of food.

• Ice Machines: For a bistro in Singapore, talk to your kitchen equipment supplier about undercounter ice machines and ice makers or ice block maker and liner. You will also need an ice bin and ice dispenser.

• Coffee Maker: If the bistro is planning to serve coffee, it should have the following commercial kitchen equipment: automatic drip coffee maker, espresso machine, coffee grinder, water and milk dispenser, and a water filtration system.

• Beverage and Soda System: For other drinks, your bistro in Singapore will need the following: refrigerated beverage dispensers, slushy or granita machine, beer dispenser, iced tea brewer, frozen cocktail equipment and dispenser, hot water dispenser, juicer, and milkshake equipment.

• Ice Cream Equipment: If your bistro is serving ice cream or recipes with ice cream, look for the following commercial kitchen equipment: ice cream display cabinet, ice cream dipping cabinet, gelato display, soft serve machine, blast freezer, ice crusher, and ice shaver.

• Meat Grinder: This commercial kitchen equipment is needed for chopping and grinding meat faster. They can be manually-operated or electric.

• Cheese Melter: This is a type of commercial oven, usually a countertop model, to make preparation of cheese faster.

• Slicers. Meat slicers will help make food preparation faster. Choose from any of the following at your kitchen equipment supplier: manual meat slicer, gravity feed meat slicer, automatic slicer, and slicer with removable knife.

• Mixers: A stand or floor mixer is needed in a bistro to prepare eggs, meringue, and batters faster. You should also purchase a dough mixer if the bistro is serving pizza. Look for heavy duty commercial kitchen equipment.

• Food Processor: For a bistro, a continuous feed food processor with bowl is the ideal commercial kitchen equipment model. Some food processors also include choppers, shredders, slicers, and grinders.

• Blender: Commercial blenders with several controls and options are ideal for a bistro in Singapore. However, you might need a different blender each for food and drinks

• Dishwasher: For a bistro, a conveyor dishwasher and a separate glass washer machine are the most ideal. You should also have a shelving and cabinet for the dishes and other smallware near the dishwasher.

• Water Dispenser: Pick a gallon water dispenser model that can dispense hot and cold water. You could also have a separate hot water dispenser for coffee and other hot beverages.

How to Create the Bridal Bouquet That’s Right for You

Just as a cathedral or solemnization hall wouldn’t look like a proper wedding venue without floral decor, a bride’s look wouldn’t be complete without a bridal bouquet. While most brides today put more emphasis their venue decor, one should never neglect the careful selection of one’s bouquet as this is the centrepiece of the overall bridal look.

Below are tips to make the process of choosing your wedding flowers a lot easier.

1. Know about your local options
Of course every bride would want to be unique on her wedding day, but that does not mean you should also make the preparation difficult by choosing wedding flowers that are expensive or hard to find. Before you ask your wedding florist in Singapore for more attractive alternatives to roses and tulips, familiarize yourself first with common flowers that are easier to come by.

Some flowers bloom only during specific seasons, others are fragrant while others do not give off any strong scent, and there are species that will wither within a day even when they are brought in fresh from the garden. Knowing all these details will make your venue decor and even your wedding car decor selection easier when you talk to your wedding florist. It’s also a good idea to bring a list of flowers and a sketch or reference photo of a floral arrangement you want to emulate.

2. Don’t just copy an idea that interests you
There are thousands of ideas for a bridal bouquet available on the Internet, but simply copying something you fancied on Pinterest or WeHeartIt wouldn’t reflect very well on your wedding. It’s your special day after all, and you could make it more special with a wedding florist in Singapore by putting your own spin on your bridal bouquet. Do some research and look at hundreds of inspirations so you can come up with something that speaks about your style and personality. Remember that the bridal bouquet is a wedding centerpiece and is a basis for other floral decor and wedding flowers in the venue.

3. Know the different types of bouquets
If you find it hard to choose a design, narrow your options by knowing which of the different types of bouquets appeals to you the most. Below are the most common bridal bouquet arrangements your wedding florist will show you.

Posy – Also called the classic style, this floral decor is arranged in a small, tight and rounded pack that makes it easy for the bride to hold.

Bracelet – As the name implies, the flowers are arranged to look like a wrist corsage, which is perfect for a bride who wants to free her hands from a bridal bouquet.

Round – The flowers are arranged so that they form a dome, which is suitable for monochromatic bouquets or those using only a single type of flower.

Pomander – This looks like a round bouquet, but features a ribbon handle at the top that the bride uses to hold the bouquet (instead of the stem). Hanging several pomander bouquets can also create an excellent floral decor for your venue.

Arm Sheaf – For this style, long-stemmed wedding flowers are needed, such as calla lily, delphinium, and orchids, which are arranged and laid on the bride’s arm.

Composite – Also called glamelia, here flower petals are arranged so that it look like a single large flower. Some wedding florist recommend this to complement the look of the entourage.

Nosegay – This style features wedding flowers that are sparsely-packed and rounded to show off the petals and stems. Nosegay is most often recommended by florists in Singapore for lilies, roses, and tulips.

Cascade – Most types of flowers can be used to create an effect of rounded flowers at the top with a stream of blossoms flowing over your hands.

4. Consider your wedding dress and accessories
Your bridal bouquet should complement your wedding dress and accessories, which is why the wedding florist in Singapore might advise you to choose your outfit first before planning for the wedding flowers and floral decor in general. If you already have a theme and color palette in mind, the selection should be a lot easier.

Bring a photo of your dress when consulting the florist, so you can both decide which style, color, shape, and flowers will match it. The bouquet’s size and shape should not drown the details of your dress. Ask for a mockup bridal bouquet so you will have an idea how it will look on you. Somewhat related, also consider the weather, particularly when it comes to your wedding car decor.

5. Add a touch of your style and personality
While it’s a good idea to follow trends, you should also try to make the bridal bouquet as personal as possible. Most couples tend to forget that the wedding ceremony is a celebration of two unique people and not a show of wealth to the guests. Add a personal touch by using flowers that are meaningful to you and your partner or place accessories that remind you of your family and loved ones. Brooches, tassels, lace handkerchiefs, ribbons, and small items could add more style to your bridal bouquet.

6. Make sure you’re comfortable holding it
It would also be a good idea to practice walking and posing with the bridal bouquet days before the wedding. Knowing if you’re comfortable with the weight and style of the wedding flowers beforehand will give you enough time to ask for alterations and additions. You will also be able to practice how to hold the bouquet when posing for the camera so that your dress can still be seen. Don’t carry a bridal bouquet that you’re not comfortable with and will give you a bad posture.

What Makes a Good Car Servicing Centre?

inding a good car servicing centre in Singapore can be quite challenging, but it can also be easy and simple if you just know what to look for. There are some tried-and-tested ways on how you could locate a good car repair shop, such as asking people you know and trust as to who they usually go to when they are in need of car repairs. But even with that, you should still carefully evaluate the repair shop to ensure that the recommendation you got is worth spending on. For that reason, we listed down some of the few things that you should look for in a good car repair shop.

1. Certification
When searching for a car servicing centre, make sure to always look for signs that the repair shop is certified by a third-party organization who aims to maintain the high level of standards within the automotive repair industry. This certification proves that the repair shop met the minimum standards that signify a certain level of trustworthiness and expertise. Typically, automotive shops that are certified would proudly display their certification information on their website and their marketing materials for easy visibility.

2. Qualified and Well-Trained Technicians
Quality workmanship is another important thing to look out for when choosing a car servicing centre. Are the mechanics who will work on your car qualified and well-trained? Or did they just perform their first ever oil change this morning? Some car manufacturers in Singapore provide in-house training programs for their technicians. These individuals are required to pass both the written and hands-on exams.
Apart from passing these tests, mechanics are also required to have a two-year hands-on work experience before they start working on their chosen car workshop. Although these certifications are an important consideration when looking for the right auto repair shop, it still won’t guarantee a person’s competence or honesty at work – but it’s definitely better than paying for the services of an uncertified mechanic.

3. Excellent Customer Service
Every Singapore car servicing car maintenance centre offers some type of customer care, but only the best auto repair shops in Singapore will emphasize this as their business’ number one policy. Successful repair shops know that satisfied customers are the key to their business growth, lead generation and excellent referral base. These shops are also aware that the competence of their customer service can make or break their business. Excellent customer service involves listening to customers and satisfying their needs in an efficient manner.

4. Upfront Price Estimate
Reliable auto repair shops are more than willing to provide you with a comprehensive cost estimate prior to completing your car repair job. To avoid any possibilities of hidden fees or inflated prices after the repair, ensure that the provided written estimate itemized every cost that goes into the total repair fee. This includes both the labour fee and the cost of parts that were used. If an auto repair shop is hesitant to quote you a price in writing, then it’s a sign that the car workshop is hiding something from you.

5. Service Guarantee
Aside from providing an upfront price estimate, a reputable auto repair shop also ensures that their work is guaranteed. A common practise among reliable repair centres is to provide a guarantee for their work for 90 days. However, avoid getting the “property line guarantee” from your car servicing centre. This guarantees that once the repairs are done, you get to the end of their property line and they will no longer provide any services for you after that. On other hand, an authentic guarantee assures that if the repair job wasn’t done right the first time, they will do their best to correct it as soon as you bring your car back to their place again.

6. Client Complaints
Unreliable car servicing in Singapore are now easier to spot thanks to the list of previous client complaints filed with the Consumers Association Singapore. (CASE). CASE reports customer complaints for certain businesses in Singapore, including car repair shops. Simply doing a quick check on the site will already inform you about the issues that the previous customers encountered with a particular establishment. If the past complaints about your prospective car servicing centre bother you, then it might be best to find another repair shop to perform your car maintenance and repair.

7. Cleanliness of Shop
You can’t expect a car servicing centre to be squeaky clean all the time due to the oil and other messy substances that mechanics work with – still, the place shouldn’t also be a complete mess. If you walk into a car shop that is cluttered and has dirt and oil all over the place, or a waiting area that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for weeks, it could be a warning sign. Perhaps the person who owns that shop doesn’t care that much about the reputation of their service centre.

8. Affiliated With a Recognized Association
Whether you’re just going for a brake service or an engine overhaul, you can expect to receive a superior service from an affiliated car servicing shop. These associations implement stringent rules, as well as codes of conduct to which its members are bound to follow. The services offered by affiliated repair shops are more professional compared to what you would find and receive from an unaffiliated auto repair shop.
Choosing the right car maintenance centre will definitely save you a lot of time and money, especially if the repairs and services are done right the first time around. So take time to weigh all your options and use the aforementioned criteria to see whether or not you are hiring the right repair shop for your automotive needs.

5 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for Cloud VOIP

Given VoIP’s popularity because of its ease of use, many organizations are have decided to upgrade their communication systems. As telephony technology keeps getting better and more compatible with more different kinds of software, especially cloud services, considering the switch should definitely be on your to-do list, if you haven’t done that already.

When coupled with a hosted PBX service, cloud VoIP gives you more flexibility because you can take and manage calls from any device, be it the phone from your desk or your laptop. All of the features of the office system are accessible wherever you are.

But are the benefits of cloud VoIP worth the hassle? The answer is definitely yes. Here are a few reasons why:

VoIP Makes Your Calls Cheaper
Since VoIP routes phone calls over the Internet and your existing data network, local calls between employees are completely free of charge.

International calls to other countries cost much less than those charged by phone operators. This is good news for your monthly bill, especially given that costs in Singapore are really high.

To estimate how many incoming and outgoing calls you will need to pay for, spend a sample month for noting down the calls you made and received along with their durations, and then place these calls into different categories. One category is for calls that need to go through GSM such as international calls. Another is for calls that are free of charge in your local area via a different service. Contacts that are using the same VoIP service as you are free of charge, though, so you don’t need to worry about those.

You should keep in mind that there are many Singapore voip parameters that affect these costs, including but not limited to voice packet size and frequency (i.e. the number of voice packets that are sent and received per second).

Because in-network calls exclusively transfer over specific data networks and don’t need to travel through public phone lines, several VoIP providers allow you to make calls among your colleagues for free.

Ditch the PBX system
With POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), you have to purchase and maintain the old PBX phone system yourself. That means purchasing and maintaining equipment, with constant upgrades burning a hole in your budget.

Hosted PBX takes care of all those extensive cable ducts and thousands of feet of copper wire. All PBX phone system features are sent online and can be customized through a dashboard. You don’t even really need to buy any new hardware except for phone adapters.

It’s a Much-Needed Upgrade to Your Office Hardware
For hosted VoIP services, IP phones are pretty much all you need. Most phones come with features that you can upgrade later when you need to.

Through VoIP, voicemails can be transcribed and sent to your email inbox automatically. You are enabled to handle them like you would manage in- all your other emails.

Because most people use multiple devices throughout the day, users can set up rules to make sure that phone calls always reach them. Special features like group voicemail and automatic call forwarding and routing can improve output for employees.

On top of that, VoIP integrates easily with other sales apps. Sales agents can quickly call customers from within their app.

Save Time – For Yourself and Your Customers
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) does away with waiting for your call to be transferred. VoIP also makes call re-routing affordable. Customers can choose who to contact or even dial the person directly if they know the particular extension number.

IP-PBX telephone system servers can handle remote employees as well, whether in Singapore or the United States or anywhere else in the world.

Hardware maintenance can also be a pain because it often disrupts workflow. Hosted PBX, which is PBX that is hosted by a third-party cloud VoIP, can be deployed immediately in a day at most. No need to wait for network technicians to install the phones – when it comes to hardware, automatic provisioning makes it so that all you need to do is plug them in to use.

Pay Only What You Use
Traditional phone systems meant that you had to be specific about the number of lines or numbers you would need in advance. Businesses overestimate their needs and end up paying for resources they don’t use.

Hosted VoIP systems have lines and numbers that can be accessed immediately – you don’t need to be locked within long-term exclusive contracts or expensive hardware upgrades. You can even sign up monthly to manage your cost structure efficiently. Extra resources can also be disconnected, which means that you only need pay for services that you actually use.

These are many other reasons to make the switch to VoIP. Vendors are introducing new services and features at breakneck speed, and these services and features, be it better IP-PBX telephone systems, IP phones, or even lower rates. And because this is Singapore, the list of features goes on as technological upgrades in terms of both hardware and software get better and more efficient. The sooner you make the switch to VoIP, the faster you can stay on top of the latest in telecommunications.

Perhaps the best reason to transfer is its ease of use – all you need is a stable internet connection. Sign up for a service provider, choose the kind of service that you need, and then plug your hardware in. It’s that easy.

VoIP is the future. Don’t get left out – switch now!

How to Improve Your Sales Management and Reports Effectively

Customer relationship management or CRM is the name for the system or strategy of a company with an aim to manage all the company’s interactions with present and prospective customers. For your company in Singapore to continue growing, you need to be able to take care of your loyal customers and come up with strategies to attract more.

Nowadays, a CRM system refers to a tool which most companies use to manage workflow, customer management, office processes, sales and marketing management, and to increase overall productivity. Most CRM software used today streamlines all the processes involved in the interaction with customers and other clients, so that the company can focus on improving its overall sales management.

How can a CRM software or CRM system help improve the workflow in your office and your company’s customer service?

Make Your Sales Team Grow

Setting up successful practices for your sales management team can help your personnel grow and become even more competitive, resulting in improved overall performance. They are not just there to come up with sales reports about current customers, but to find ways to attract more potential customers and clients. A CRM software will make their jobs easy, allowing the team to focus on sales training and meetings. By improving communication with Singapore CRM software between the different teams in your business, you will create a better working environment for your employees.

Lessen Time for Administrative Tasks

Most sales team in Singapore will tell you that they spend most of their working hours doing administrative work that has nothing to do with selling products and/or services. Although it’s necessary to come up with the paperwork, it will reduce their overall productivity. To cut down on non-selling documentation, a CRM software that is accessible to other office staff should be set up. You can also delegate the task to other members who are not part of the sales team, but will have access to the CRM system.

Listen and Ask Your Customers

Another goal of setting up an effective CRM system is to keep all your loyal customers happy. By maintaining a good relationship with them, you will create a favorable name for the company that places customer satisfaction as its priority. You can also highlight the qualities that make your goods and/or services attractive to customers, so that you can convince them to buy your products. Creativity in the sales management should not just be limited to attracting new customers, you should also make sure that your loyal customers are also satisfied.

Follow Up with Potential Customers

By creating a positive image in the Singapore market, you will be able to attract more customers who are looking for quality goods and/or services. Although the goal of coming up with sales reports is to find ways to increase the profit by coming up with strategies to improve the products and/or services, sales management should also consider other possibilities for growth in areas that are in demand or are lacking. A cloud CRM will help you come up with strategies to fulfill your goals.

Create Effective Study of Leads

Attracting new customers, however, is more effective if your sales team can recognize which target customers your company are more likely to provide goods and/or services. Not all aspects of the market are accessible to you, that is why you should be able to define the type of customers you want to serve. A CRM system will help you come up with demographics and the right behavior data of potential customers, to lessen the time spent on customers who will not likely buy your products. It will be easier for your company to tailor a sales conversation that includes details or content that they will find interesting.

Set Up a CRM System to Make Work Faster

Your sales team should not be spending all of their time doing paperwork that can be done easily with an effective customer relationship management software, so that they can focus on increasing sales. A CRM system will include helpful features that will make their work faster and easier, and therefore, increase overall productivity. There will be less idle time, more attempts at making sales, and a happier sales team as a result. A CRM software will also give them access to competitive and effective tools for communication and sales information. They can access all the data they will need to close deals, such as product specifications, and will enable the team managers to track the progress of their members. This will save your employees time in jumping from one application to another because they can access all the information they need in any device. Even small- to medium-scale companies can make use of a CRM system such as a cloud CRM.

Performance Tracking Should Be Easy

It’s important to constantly monitor the sales team’s performance to address issues that are potentially affecting their productivity. A customer relationship management software, such as a cloud CRM, will allow you to track their performance easily and determine if there are areas that need improvement. Managing the team should not just be about setting deadlines and quotas. A more effective sales manager knows when to reward a good performance and how to motivate members to bring out the best in them. This will allow you to come up with more trainings and meetings that will address such issues and create opportunities for your employees to grow.

Set Up a Consistent System

If you can provide a personnel-friendly customer relationship management system, you are already taking the first step to improving your company’s sales. That’s because a consistent performance that follows a smooth process will allow for easy feedback and tracking. They can spend more time focusing on closing more sales than checking constantly for the standards and schedules. They have a clear idea of what is expected from them and what happens if they meet those expectations or not.

Disclaimer: This list is compiled in no particular order.

Important Questions to Ask Your Residential Plumbing Company

As you encounter a plumbing issue at home, it is necessary that you immediately call for the services of a plumbing contractor. But before deciding on which contractor to hire, it is crucial that you ask your prospective residential plumber a few questions first. This will help in ensuring that he will be able to provide all the plumbing services that you need. With that mind, we listed down some of the important questions that will help you determine as to whether or not your prospective plumber is the right person for the job.

1. Are you properly licensed?
One of the questions you should never forget to ask your prospective plumber is whether or not they have been licensed. Having a license proves that your chosen plumber has the knowledge and skills necessary to complete any task assigned to him. Aside from that, licensed plumbers in Singapore are also required to be updated with the building codes, thus ensuring you that the person you hired is familiar with the present building practices.
Moreover, licensing also holds the plumber accountable to his plumbing works in case something goes wrong with the repair job. Being licensed also shows that the company he’s working for managed to pass the government testing and is a legitimate plumbing company.

2. Do you have a compensation insurance?
Aside from having a license, insurance also plays a crucial role in a Singapore plumber credentials as it provides the needed stability in case a mistake or an accident occurs while the job is ongoing. Although it rarely occurs, accidents, mistakes or even theft can still happen, and this could result into a huge problem if an insurance is not present.
Being insured allows a plumber to take on any job without worrying about the problems that might arise. As a homeowner, hiring an insured plumber protects you from paying for any uncalled costs brought by accidents or repair mistakes.

3. What warranties and guarantees will you be able to provide?
A reliable plumber offers guarantees and warranties on the materials and labour they will provide. So be sure to ask about the type of warranty and guarantee they are offering so you will not be held financially responsible for any problem that might arise from their repair job.

4. Can you provide details of your credentials, as well as your references?
Knowing the credentials of your plumbing contractor is crucial. Although it might not indicate the quality of his workmanship, credentials show his commitment to the industry as well as his adherence to the professional repair techniques and practices.

Apart from his credentials, your prospective plumber shouldn’t have any problems providing you with three to four names of his previous clients. Asking for references allows you to check if he has been in the plumbing industry for quite some time, as well as to gauge that work experience that he currently have. If he can’t seem to give you any contactable reference, however, then it just means that he’s not qualified to reputably take the repair job that you have.

5. Do you provide emergency plumbing services?
There are two types of plumbing companies in Singapore: the ones that offer round-the-clock plumbing services and those who don’t. Plumbing contractors who offer round-the-clock services focus mainly on taking emergency plumbing repair jobs, while those who don’t offer such services typically don’t answer any emergency house calls. With that, be sure to hire a skilled contractor for each type of plumbing services to save you from the hassle and stress of dealing with plumbing issues.

6. Can you provide a written and detailed estimate?
Another important question to ask is whether or not they will be able to provide a copy of the written estimate. Instead of simply receiving a cost estimate over the phone, have your plumber assess your repair job and provide a detailed and written copy of the estimate. Once you already have the cost estimate, ask if the materials, labour and contingency are already included in the total cost. Knowing what’s included in the estimate eliminates the possibility of being charged with a larger bill after the completion of the plumbing work.

7. Do you specialize in a particular plumbing work?
Knowing what plumbing services your prospective plumber specializes in beforehand will help you in hiring the right person for your repair job. A plumber who is trained and skilled at repair works might not be the best person to handle your plumbing remodelling task. Determining what your prospective plumber does best early on and hiring them to handle a specific task will give you an assurance that your repair job will be done right the first time.

8. How fast can you respond to a plumbing job?
A quick response time is crucial for an emergency plumbing situation. Without a quick response, even the simplest plumbing issue can quickly worsen and destroy a home. So be sure to stay in contact with plumbing companies who provide 24 hours plumber service to help solve your plumbing issues and minimize your expenses.

Finding the right plumbing contractor is usually a matter of asking the right questions to ensure that you’re hiring someone that best suits your plumbing needs. Just be sure to avoid giving off an untrusting attitude and asking too many questions though, as you might end up scaring away the plumber who can help in fixing your problem.

4 Easy Tips for Caring and Feeding on Bicycle Chain

Among all bicycle accessories and parts, the chain is probably the most important. Composed of hundreds of links, plates and rollers, the chain is the one responsible for the movement coordination of your bike’s running gear. Therefore, regular maintenance of the chain is imperative to ensure that your bike works reliably and smoothly every time.

Here are some simple pointers for basic cleaning and maintenance of your bicycle’s chain.

1. Do a quick cleaning with a rag and degreasing solvent
A simple and quick cleaning can already remove most of the grease and dirt build-up from your chain. Steady your bike in a workstand, so you can freely rotate the pedals without the bike moving in place. Take a rag, wet it by spraying a degreaser on it, and then wrap the lower section of the chain first. Hold it in place while your other hand pedals to keep the chain moving in between the rag, Hold the rag firmly enough to remove the grease, but also loosely enough to allow the chain to easily rotate.

2. Soak the chain in degreaser for deep cleaning
A quick clean may be able to remove most of the gunk in your bicycle accessories, but it cannot get rid of the dirt and grease in between the chain plates and rollers. For deep cleaning, remove the chain from the bike and let it soak for a few hours in a bucket of degreaser.

Another quick deep cleaning option is to use a chain scrubbing device. You simply attach the cleaning device onto the lower section of the chain, fill it up with degreasing solvent and then pedal backwards to allow the chain to pass through the device for deep cleaning. If you don’t have this device yet, you can easily find them in any bicycle shop in Singapore.

3. Apply lubricant and wipe off excess
After cleaning the chain, now is the time to apply the lube. Before applying, shift the bike to middle gear. Hold the lube bottle over the chain, while you pedal backwards with your other hand. Gently yet firmly, squeeze the bottle for a light but steady flow of lube onto the chain. Keep pedalling until the whole length of the chain is lubricated. Afterwards, pedal a few more times to evenly distribute the lube. Leave it for a few minutes to give some time for the solution to work its way into pins and rollers of the chain. Remove excess with a clean rag by gently wiping the external part of the chain.

4. Check the chain periodically
As the chain of your bike goes through motion over the course of time, surfaces inside the chain’s link rollers gradually wear down, stretching out the chain. As the chain stretches, the spaces in between links no longer match the spaces in between every tooth of your bike’s gears. At this point, the chain starts to wear down the gears.

To keep your bicycle accessories and gears in its best condition, start from the chain. Check it for signs of stretch before it starts wearing out other parts of your bicycle. Remember that purchasing a chain from a bicycle shop is much cheaper than buying replacement gears. However, even if you change your chains regularly, you will still eventually need to purchase new gears and chainrings from a bicycle shop to replace worn out ones.

Taking care of your bike and ensuring its excellent running condition is just a matter of regular maintenance of the chain. Check out different bicycle shops around Singapore for bike maintenance products you can use conveniently at home.